Seth Miller

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My name is Seth Miller.  I have been building guitars professionally since 2000, when I graduated from Luthiers International School of Building and Repair.  Under the guidance of John Marshall, my understanding of Luthiery grew and my desire  to build instruments led me to my passion in life.  It wasn’t until a couple years later though when I fell in love with the classical guitar.  In 2003 I made it my goal in life to dedicate myself to the classical guitar and to create the best possible sounding instruments I can.  ​
I believe in true craftsmanship, therefore I do most of my work by hand and in the traditional Spanish method. 
I live in Sioux Falls South Dakota with my wife Jessie and our three children.  I have spent most my life here, and even though the demand for classical guitars isn’t very high here, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  I work from home, and I also do a lot of other woodworking projects to keep me busy, when I’m not busy helping raise our three kids.
  • 2017 Seth Miller #25 Cedar EIRW