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Tim McCoy is the “Real McCoy” behind Real McCoy Guitars. He is a luthier and master craftsman whose passion for guitar was born of a deep appreciation of music and performance, and an immense talent in the artistry and craft of woodwork. For more than twenty-five years, he has studied and perfected his art learning from other master luthiers in particular, the renowned John Gilbert.

Inspired by the close mentorship experienced, Tim’s guitars demonstrate the influence of a number of John Gilbert’s innovative techniques, especially in the bridge design. Through the years, Tim has continued his pursuit of crafting the optimal concert instrument: He has regularly attended conferences, workshops and events, and has studied the work of luthiers throughout the world, especially in his travels through Europe and Asia.

With a love of fine craftsmanship and an intensely-focused, rigorous attention to detail, the guitars, and other stringed instruments, that Tim crafts are known for their exquisite tonal balance.

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    2014 Tim McCoy #57 Cedar EIRW