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Hi and thanks kindly for checking out my selection of books. During the years, I compiled scores that really meant something to me, as a player, as a professional. I always wanted unique to be the thing people said about me. All the warhorses, you have to know them, play them, and then, in my humble opinion, get the heck away from them. I wrote for myself, arranged for myself, Celtic Music, Americana fingerstyle, etc, Bach, Weiss, a lot of Baroque and Renaissance music, picking some very unique pieces of music to attack. On the offensive, LOL.

Bach’s Inventions for 1 guitar? The book has sold 20K copies. WTC 1A sold a lot of copies. My original works sold over 25K copies. The TAB version almost the same amount. That’s ridiculous (at least to me). I never intended these for public consumption. But, people love them. I’m happy. They are not perfect, but neither am I and let’s be honest, neither are any of us for that matter. What more is there to say? Play, learn, smile, enjoy, life’s too short, we have lives to live and relish. The naysayers mean nothing. They are only reflecting their own inadequacies. Don’t listen. Play, practice, smile at your mistakes and feel fortunate when you nail it. Then go practice some more. It’s a grind, as it is, for chrissakes, don’t let anyone grind you further. Have fun!

All the books here were arranged, transcribed and engraved by me. All the original works are small looks into my very emotional being. I do not carry other publisher’s books, at least not right now. Maybe later. The guitar business is very time consuming. I’m hoping in the near future, I can get back to writing and arranging the 300 other scores I have handwritten, but today is not that day. Best and please enjoy some of my hard work. Rich Sayage

  • Bach and Weiss Volume 1

  • Beethoven – Adagio Cantabile from Sonate Pathétique for Classical Guitar Quartet

  • Weiss Lute Sonatas for Classical Guitar – 6 Books from the Dresden MS

  • Weiss Lute Sonatas for Classical Guitar – 6 Books from the London MS

  • Weiss Lute Sonatas for Classical Guitar – The Complete Collection

  • Bach – The Complete Solo Collection – TAB

  • Bach – Classical Guitar – The Complete Solo Collection

  • Silvius L. Weiss – Select Transcripts Vol. 1

  • Silvius L. Weiss – Select Transcripts Vol. 1 – TAB

  • Richard F. Sayage – Solo Guitar Works Volume 1

  • Bach – Two Part Inventions for Solo Classical Guitar

  • Bach – Well Tempered Clavier Book 1-A