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1971 Ramirez 1A Cedar CSA 4907 Stamp AS

1971 Ramirez 1A Cedar CSA 4907 Stamp AS


Old school Ramirez 1A with my own setup that makes her play like butter with that authentic and classic Ramirez sound

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1971 Ramirez 1A Cedar CSA 4907 Stamp AS


Model 1971 Ramirez 1A Cedar CSA 4907 Stamp AS
Condition Pre-owned – see comments below
Scale  666mm
Finish  Lacquer – typical of the Ramirez family
Tuners Fusteros
Case Premium HSC – in good shape, see photos

Tone Woods

Top Cedar
Sides/Back CSA RW
Neck Spanish Cedar
Bridge Rosewood
Fingerboard Ebony – canted to the bass side


Nut Width  54mm
String Spacing  44mm – 50mm – 58mm – 1st fret – 12th fret – saddle
Waist Width  9 3/8″
Overall length  39 5/8″
Body length  19 3/8″
Upper bout  11 1/8″
Lower bout  14 1/2″
Weight  3 lb. & 13oz.
Body depth  3  15/16 ”  4  1/4″
Action  5mm to 3.4 mm low E to High E
CITES  Eligible- $200 fee to process paperwork

1971 Ramirez 1A Cedar CSA 4907 Stamp AS


This beautiful and classic Jose Ramirez 1A has typical play wear in and around the rosette and one string ding behind the treble E string.  Setup, play, sound, etc. all excellent.  4 cracks have been cleated, glued and stabilized on the back.  See photos.  I pressed and pushed finding all stable, no movement.

She is always mindful of the great Segovia, with that fat sound.  She’s a big girl at 666mm and 54mm nut (my perfect guitar).  She plays seemingly easier than you might believe.  Definitely have to have the hands for this guitar.  She sings, bellows, and rings.  Really beautiful example of the old Ramirez workshop.  This guitar was built by AS who is identified as Arturo Sanzano Moreno from the great Ramirez house.  Very good builder, obviously.  The guitar is very clear, and very loud!  She really is the epitome of the Ramirez sound from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s.



Listening with high quality headphones or audio equipment is highly recommended including EQ manipulation, if possible. We record everything flat with just a touch of Reverb to relieve dryness. My goal is to record the guitar as realistically as is possible. I speak in the recordings, my thoughts about the guitar (and possibly other things?).  My speaking also serves to give you my first impressions and to also give you a balance of the engineering (or lack thereof) versus the sound of the guitar.  I simply do not have time to engineer much of anything.  Thanks. Rich

MP3 Audio – 190606-1971 Ramirez 1A #4907 Cedar CSA – more easily played than you might believe, I love the sound of this guitar, warm and lush, with that classical Ramirez character from back in the 1960’s-70’s.

My Solo Book of sheet music is available here if you’re interested.

Richard F. Sayage – Solo Guitar Works Volume 1



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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 18 × 8 in