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1975 Hermann Hauser II #988 Spruce CSA


A Mature Hauser II that has a lovely intimate voice with excellent playability.  Investment grade as well as the ultimate recording studio guitar!

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1975 Hermann Hauser II #988 Spruce CSA


Model1975 Hermann Hauser II #988 Spruce CSA
ConditionPre-Owned in Very Good Condition
FinishLacquered in the Hauser Style
TunersCustom High End Tuners – I believe these are made by Reischl – MOP
CaseMark Leaf HSC

Tone Woods

TopSelect Master Grade German Spruce
Sides/BackCSA RW
NeckSpanish Mahogany
Bridge Rio Rosewood
Head Plate Rio Rosewood
FingerboardEbony – Canted
Binding Snakewoods, Maples, Ebony


Nut Width 52mm
String Spacing44mm – 51mm – 58.5mm at 1st fret – 12th fret – saddle
Overall length 38 3/4″
Body length 19 1/4″
Upper bout width 11″
Lower bout width 14 1/2″
Waist width 9 1/4″
Body depths 3 7/8″ & 4 1/8″
Weight 3lb & 7oz.
Action 4.1mm to 3.4mm Low E to High E unfretted at 12th fret
CITES Eligible but not recommended due to transport issues in general

1975 Hermann Hauser II #988 Spruce CSA


Another magnificent example of work by the old masters.  Hermann Hauser II ranks, in my opinion, among the best of them, and this guitar shows us why.  I don’t believe it necessary to go on and on about the quality of sound and play emanating from this guitar.  I have been fortunate to own many of Hauser II guitars, and have seen quite a few more, from the grandfather to Hermann the III.  They are all mostly exemplary but Hermann II was very consistent.  Clearly an investment as well as a player’s guitar.  She has an exquisite voice, capable of most anything you might desire.

Issues with the guitar?  I have photographed the guitar extensively, focusing in on nail wear, finish cracking which is near the seam (but not on the seam) between the rosette and bridge, ticks and dings that popped out.  I’ve investigated the cracking of finish, which allows zero light through, and no cracking can be seen from underneath.  Hermann Hauser III has also looked at and determined it is finish cracking.

Also, the D string roller is cracked.  It has apparently been this way since the last 2 decades.  We re-strung the guitar with SCG 90 HT strings, where the tuner presented no issues at all.  We can replace the tuning machines, at extra cost.  I have a number of Alessi Tuning Machines to choose from by following this link.

Setup is sort of moderate, at 4.1mm low E 12th fret, but the string break is nice, the power is evident, and it’s not overly high in my opinion. She’s playing very nicely right now.  The canted fingerboard is in beautiful shape, helping with required relief, yet keeping the neck straight.

The CSA is straight grained, as you would expect, with a beautiful reddish coloring throughout, with most attractive figuring.  No issues at all on the back/sides.  It is the literal definition of “eye candy”.  The top is superb, bear clawed, translucent in appearance.  Hermann II had a very good eye and ear for the best of tonewoods.

By the way, the Mark Leaf HSC is basically a coffin case.  Very big, very heavy, the guitar floats in this case, weighing in at 19lbs total, with the guitar encased.  No worries there.

The guitar is considered a Romero model by Hauser II, modeled after the famous 1958 Hauser II built for Pepe Romero.

Please note the following conditions:

Serious inquiries only.  By appointment.

This classical guitar is now available for purchase.    Bank Wire is the only option with this particular guitar.  The price is non-negotiable.  Thank you!

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss.  Rich 631-335-5447

I prefer to sell this guitar domestically, within US Borders.

I discourage International buyers, unless you are willing to come here yourself and take delivery personally.  CITES paperwork is NOT available for this guitar, though it is eligible due to Pre-Convention Status.

The price is usually listed for clarity and transparency.  I am not a big fan of “Please Inquire”, thus not wasting your time.

  • The guitar’s price is non-negotiable.
  • There will be NO trades.
  • All transactions will happen through bank wire.
  • It will be shipped 1 Day Express via the USPS or UPS or FedEx.  It can also be personally delivered (at cost of transportation, flight, charges, driving time, etc) or, you are free to schedule an appointment with me at the gallery to inspect and pick up the guitar personally.
  • Thank you kindly in advance for your understanding and consideration.



Listening with high quality headphones or audio equipment is highly recommended including EQ manipulation, if possible. We record everything flat with just a touch of Reverb to relieve dryness. My goal is to record the guitar as realistically as is possible. I speak in the recordings, my thoughts about the guitar (and possibly other things?).  My speaking also serves to give you my first impressions and to also give you a balance of the engineering (or lack thereof) versus the sound of the guitar.  I simply do not have time to engineer much of anything.  Thanks. Rich

MP3 Audio – 200208-1975 Hermann Hauser II 988 Spruce CSA – superb, traditional, clearly voiced, separation, balance, everything you could want in a master built instrument.


MP3 – 200210-Prelude15b-1975 Hermann Hauser II 988 Spruce CSA – this is an isolated recording of my Prelude #15 in C Major, short and sweet, it’s fun to play, as yet unpublished (though engraved).

My Solo Book of sheet music is available here if you’re interested.

Richard F. Sayage – Solo Guitar Works Volume 1




Premium Single Arch Top or Double Arch HSC is always included in your purchase price.

Please NOTE:  Shipping is an additional charge, where I will only use Expedited Services via UPS or FedEx, at your choice.  We will also consider hand delivering the instrument to you.  She is very special, requiring the utmost in personal touch and care.  Whatever it costs us to do this for you is what you will be charged.  Flight, car (taxi), accommodations, time etc.

Please note again that International Shipping is NOT recommended.  You will assume all risk if you choose to have the guitar shipped to you.  Please read and click the link below.

Very Important:  International Clients, including Canada…Please note that we will NOT accept PayPal or any CC as payment.  All transactions must be finalized with Bank Wire Transfers for any amount over $1000 USD. Please see our discussion found here and scroll down to Customs – Duty and International Shipping .  Thank you!

Packaging is professionally done within its hard-shell case.
It is always preferred that you come to the Studio to play it and pick it up.

All concert level guitars come with a standard accessory package including extras sets of strings, humidifier, headstock tuner, and more to help you care for and maintain your classical guitar.  Rich


This classical guitar carries a No Warranty from Savage Classical Guitar as she is Vintage and Pre-Owned

Please read my Return Policy

Please inquire using email or phone (Contact Me)

Email me directly if you need more info:

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions48 × 20 × 10 in

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