1977 Jose Oribe Suprema Calidad Redwood Brazilian RW


Old school Jose Oribe Suprema Calidad with my own setup that makes her play like butter with that authentic and classic Spanish sound that only few are able to recreate

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1977 Jose Oribe Suprema Calidad Redwood Brazilian RW


Model 1977 Jose Oribe Suprema Calidad Redwood Brazilian RW
Condition Pre-owned – see comments below
Scale  656mm
Finish French Polish
Tuners Fusteros
Case Original Oribe Triangular Flight Case

Tone Woods

Top Cedar
Sides/Back Cocobolo RW – actually this is Brazilian Rosewood…read below
Neck Spanish Cedar
Bridge Cocobolo
Fingerboard Ebony


Nut Width  53.5mm
String Spacing  45mm – 50mm – 57mm – 1st fret – 12th fret – saddle
Overall length 39 3/8″
Body length 19 3/8″
Upper bout 11 1/2″
Waist Width 9 5/8 “
lower Bout  14 1/2″
Body depth 3 13/16″ Upper Bout & 4 1/16″ Lower Bout
Weight 3 lbs & 10 oz.
Action 3.2mm to 2.5mm Low E to High E
CITES Required & Unavailable – woods used are highly regulated – please read provided link to the left

1977 Jose Oribe Suprema Calidad Redwood Brazilian RW


The guitar is in very good condition, first and foremost.  There are tiny nail marks in and around the rosette, small, insignificant, honest playing wear.  She was played, so this is expected, photographed to show this nail rash to the best of our ability.  The back and sides are stellar looking.

She’s also a tremendous guitar, setup somewhat low, where I may adjust slightly higher, raise the nut a touch.   Of course, the guitar will be polished and cleaned, fretboard and frets cleaned and oiled.  The guitar has sat in her case for a number of years, all well maintained.  She plays very well, almost too easy, with a big fat round sound, one that you expect from a guitar such as this.

Please note that I did a full setup on the guitar, raised the nut as discussed, leveled frets and buffed her out.  She looks and plays amazing, as evidenced by Doug Rubio’s performance below.

Jose is a meticulous builder, one of the grand-daddies of the business in North America, along with the likes of Manuel Velazquez.  This model was his premier offering to the playing public for many years back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, where he has always used the finest materials, woods, and methods to construct his fine offerings.  The Spanish character of the Madrid school is very evident in these guitars, especially this one.  It really does have that deep, fat, full and round sound that you would expect of a master instrument from the school, old school, which I personally enjoy and gravitate towards almost immediately.

A client of mine wrote the following, which is absolutely correct.

“That 1977 Jose Oribe is Brazilian and Redwood, 656mm scale. Oribe didn’t start using cocobolo until about 1984 and he never made a 660mm scale himself. The only 660mm were the Pro-A’s, assembled in Japan with Oribe soundboard and his materials.”  This lends itself to me re-checking the scale length, which comes in at 656mm and that top is Redwood?  How did I get this so wrong”, I asked myself.  Then a “Yikes!!” and then fixing the listing.  Ugh.



MP3 Audio – 211122-1977 Jose Oribe Suprema Calidad Cedar Cocobolo – so very easy to play, with that huge fat round sound you would expect from a superior Spanish Cedar and yet the clarity!  I did a personal setup on the guitar, to relieve some low action, creating a bit of buzz.  No more, with high tension strings.  She plays and sounds beautiful.  Love these guitars from Jose.



1977 Jose Oribe Suprema Calidad Cedar Cocobolo played by Professor Doug Rubio



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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 18 × 8 in

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