2013 Pedro Maldonado F1 #1796 Spruce CSA


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2013 Pedro Maldonado F1 #1796 Spruce CSA

Model 2013 Pedro Maldonado F1 #1796 Spruce CSA
Condition Pre-Owned
Scale 650mm
Finish French Polish
Tuners Fusteros – White Mop of Pearl (MOP) faux? Gold with White Rollers
Case Rm – guitar fits perfectly in the case

Tone Woods

Top 40 Year Old Alpine Spruce with beautiful orange patina
Sides/Back CSA Rosewood – Caviuna RW
Neck  Spanish Mahogany
Bridge  Caviuna
Head Plate  Caviuna
Fingerboard Ebony
Binding Various woods – dyed – binding work is superb!


Nut Width  54mm
String Spacings  43mm – 51mm – 58mm (1st fret – 12th fret – bridge)
Neck Depths  20mm – 22mm (1st fret – 10th fret)
Overall length  39 3/8″
Body length  19 3/8″
Upper bout width  11 1/4″
Lower bout width  14 7/8″
Waist width  9 1/4″
Body depths  3 9/16 – 3 9/16″ – not a mistake, I check it twice!  LOL
Action 3.5mm & 2.9mm at low E to high E, 12th fret, unfretted
Guitar Weight  3lbs & 2oz.
CITES Ineligible – Paperwork is not available for this guitar

2013 Pedro Maldonado F1 #1796 Spruce CSA


This guitar was special ordered by its one owner, built by the father, with a large, mosaic Torres inspired inlay XIX Century Rosette, featuring two motifs of Mother of Pearl Inlay.  Caviuna Rosewood Back and Sides, with a very tightly grained Alpine Spruce Top, which is over 40 years old.  Medullar Rays with a traditional Orange patina, French Polish on all surfaces.  The design work, rosette and binding work are superb in every regard.  See attached photos.  The man has taste.  Signed and dated personally by Pedro Senior

She is incredibly responsive, with strong projection, and wholly rounded sound.  Easily played, this baby sings, has bite and growl, with beautiful push in the bass and mids.  I fell in love with her instantly.

The owner took spectacular care with her, thus she is in Excellent condition.  I assure you, this is a guitar that you fall in love with immediately.  She comes with an original and form fitted HSC (Rm brand, (the m is lower case on purpose), which I’ve not heard of previously, very nice case).


Caviuna Rosewood (RW)

Common Name: Morado
Botanical Name: Machaerium scleroxylon
Other Common Names: Bolivian Rosewood, Caviuna, Jacaranda pardo, Pau Ferro
Common Uses: Musical instruments, furniture, desks, turnings, handles, decorative veneer, accents, inlay
Region: Central and South America
Country: Brazil, Bolivia

Heartwood Color – Dark brown to tan with irregular black-purplish stripes. Reportedly the wood has a strong resemblance to Brazilian Rosewood.
Grain – Grain is straight and has been described as undulating. The timber is reported to be less figured than Brazilian rosewood.
Texture – Texture is reported to be fine, and the wood tends to be fibrous.
Natural Durability  – The heartwood is reported to be very resistant to attack by decay fungi, the wood has a high resistance to infestation.



MP3 Audio – 200426-2013 Pedro Maldonado F1 1796 Spruce CSA – effortless play, pretty to look at, prettier to listen to, this guitar is a classical/flamenco player’s hybrid dream.  The guitar bites and growls when you need her to, while singing in every instance.



Vito Genna performing a Guarjira (Traditional Flamenco) on this Pedro Maldonado F-1 #1796



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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 18 × 8 in