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2014 Cordoba Torres #0021 Spruce EIRW 640mm


Cordoba Master Series Classical Guitar Torres Model 640mm – Spruce with EIRW built by Cordoba Luthiers in Oxnard, California

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2014 Cordoba Torres #0021 Spruce EIRW 640mm

Classical Guitar and Features

Model2014 Cordoba Torres #0021 Spruce EIRW 640mm
ConditionPre-Owned – Excellent Condition strung with Savage Classical Guitar High Tension 90lb. strings
Scale640 mm
FinishUrethane, tastefully & lightly done
TunersGold Gotoh tuners with Ebony buttons – 18:1 gear ratio
CaseHardshell Cordoba humidified Single Arch Top Case

Tone Woods

TopSelect Engelmann Spruce
Sides/BackEast Indian Rosewood
NeckSpanish cedar neck (Traditional/Classical Profile) with lightweight truss rod 9/64″
BridgeEast Indian Rosewood
Bracing1856 Torres 7 Fan Bracing
FingerboardEbony with markers at 5th and 7th fret
Purfling/InlaysRope design wood top purfling, 3 ply back & sides purfling (maple/ebony/maple)


Nut Width51mm
String Spacing44mm – 51mm – 59mm  (nut – 12th – bridge)
Overall length960mm (37 13/16″)
Body length473mm body length (18 5/8″)
Upper bout257mm upper bout width (10 1/8″)
Lower bout336mm lower bout width (13 1/4″)
Body depths95mm (3 3/4″) upper bout depth / 99mm (3 7/8″) lower bout depth
Action3.75mm & 3.2mm at low E to high E, 12th fret, unfretted
Guitar Weight3lbs & 8oz
CITESNot Required – woods used are not regulated – please read provided link to the left

2014 Cordoba Torres #0021 Spruce EIRW 640mm


This guitar has just arrived.  I will write about it when I sit and record with her.   My visual inspection of the guitar, given that she is pre-owned, receives more than satisfactory reviews.  She is quite nice, with beautiful, straight and tight grained Spruce.  The East Indian Rosewood is equally beautiful, ruddy looking, straight-grained.  Sound and play are equally pleasing, easy, effortless musicality.  Really nice all around.

I sat down with her this past morning and have only good things to say.  Play was easy and almost effortless.  The truss rod allows you to adjust the guitar to the exact point that you want it.  Her voice was clear and bright.  Voices nicely separated, harmoniously coming together, it was a touch surprising to be honest.  Sub $4K gives you a lot of guitar for the money.  I like the guitar quite a bit, and its price point makes it easy to wholly endorse the guitar and the project.

Known issue with the guitar, a small stable crack in the EIRW, with the grain, lower bout, treble side.  You should be able to see it in the photos, though it is very slight.  Other than that, it is in superb condition, freshly polished, buffed and cleaned with new strings.


I brought these guitars to the shop/studio because I was intrigued by the collaboration with Kenny Hill.  Kenny and I discussed these guitars a few years or so ago, and he was quite excited for a number of reasons.  I think it had a lot to do with his being able to focus on his own designs, the Signature and Performance series.  Then there was the fact that they were built locally, in Oxnard, California in collaboration with and funded by Cordoba Music Group.  With the help of CMG, they were able to lower the prices to a fairly accessible price point given the quality achieved and the materials used by select luthiers from CMG.  In all, at first impression, it seems to be a favorable collaboration and a successful one.  Congratulations to the people at Cordoba Music and Kenny Hill.

I spoke more and at length with Kenny about the project, his role, the guitars, and the people involved this past week (February 12, 2014).  He clarified that he basically set up the shop, bought the tools, trained the luthiers, and has been overseeing the construction of the 4 models from his Master Series, the Rodriguez, the Hauser, the Torres and the Reyes models.  Hi s role there, now and of late, is more diminished as the Cordoba luthiers and people employed in Oxnard, CA have or are coming into their own after  a year’s time studying and training with Kenny Hill.

A year or more, now, after production has begun, and my observation of the last 2 guitars they built, which are here in my studio, readily affirm Kenny’s belief that they are doing good work.  Very good work.  As you may well know, from reading my various posts and or articles here on my site, I don’t offer for sale what I don’t believe in.  If I didn’t like these guitars, I would have immediately sent them back to Cordoba.  Simple response?   I have them here for sale on my site.   Best…Rich


From the Cordoba Music Group site regarding the Cordoba Master Series Classical Guitars and the iconic Torres Model

Cordoba has chosen to honor four master luthiers whose work has shaped the history of the nylon string guitar over the past 150 years, inspiring generations of guitar builders. Each Master Series model is a replica of an iconic guitar representing significant moments in the careers of Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser I, Miguel Rodriguez, and Manuel Reyes. Cordoba has partnered with Kenny Hill to examine the original guitars, poring over nuances and specifications to get inside the mind of each maker. These Master’s Series guitars are handmade with premium materials in Cordoba’s California workshop. The Master Series allows today’s players to get their hands on a slice of guitar history at a fraction of the cost.

This is the “Torres” model, and is based on a smaller bodied instrument with 640mm scale length. It has surprising volume for its size, it’s really a big-sounding guitar with rich, deep basses and plump, singing trebles. Simply a delight to play and one of those guitars that is hard to put down once you get playing. The guitar is also beautiful, with half-herringbone inlay in the purfling and around the rosette. Hard to find anything remotely of this style and quality at this price point.

More info from CMG:

The Torres is a small body guitar with a big voice and a shortened scale length. It features a narrower nut width and slightly narrower neck that is extremely comfortable to play. This guitar is handmade in the USA.

Small body with a big voice. 

Beyond the beauty of the construction, one of the most amazing characteristics of an original Torres guitar is the amount of sound produced by such a small and lightweight instrument.  After examining three authentic Torres guitars, we decided to base the construction of our own Torres on an 1856 model that features a smaller body (24.8”) and shorter scale length (640mm). The Cordoba Torres is built with a solid Engelmann spruce top and solid Indian rosewood back and sides. The neck is Spanish cedar, topped with an African ebony fingerboard. A few modern refinements such as a truss rod, geared tuning machines, durable finish, and non-gut strings were added to improve on what was not available in the 1800s but are essential today.  The result is an instrument that exemplifies authentic Torres designs, voicing, and feel, and captures a rare piece of guitar making history.

The Process:
The three original Torres guitars were studied inside and out and played over and over.  The mission was to understand the essence of what gives this iconic guitar such an amazing voice and feel, and then recreate an instrument that possesses these characteristics and carries the same magic in its DNA.  The process was a combination of science and feel; the wood thicknesses of the top, backs, sides, and braces were measured to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter, bracing patterns traced and mapped, and details of the materials, inlays, wood grains, and vibrations were all carefully analyzed.  The guitars were played and listened to for hours to gain an understanding of the balance between the trebles and basses, resonance of the tops, and a sense for the feel and response of each guitar when played in a variety of styles and environments.

Why Torres?
Antonio de Torres was one of the most important guitar makers of the 19th century, building between the early 1850s and 1892.  Today, a Torres guitar is as revered and collectible among guitarists as a Stradivarius violin is among violinists.  Torres created a body shape, bracing pattern, soundboard arch, and other design elements that were revolutionary for his time, transforming the guitar into a much louder and resonant instrument with more projection than any guitar before its time.  Torres guitars are still the elite standard by which classical guitars are compared with today, and most acoustic guitars in use today are derived from his designs.



Listening with high quality headphones or audio equipment is highly recommended including EQ manipulation, if possible. We record everything flat with just a touch of Reverb to relieve dryness. My goal is to record the guitar as realistically as is possible. I speak in the recordings, my thoughts about the guitar (and possibly other things?).  My speaking also serves to give you my first impressions and to also give you a balance of the engineering (or lack thereof) versus the sound of the guitar. I simply do not have time to engineer much of anything. Thanks. Rich

MP3 Audio – 200613-2014 Cordoba Torres 0021 Spruce EIRW 640mm – great guitar, with a more mature voice than I would have expected.  Soft and buttery, but capable of some real nice punch.


My Solo Book of sheet music is available here if you’re interested.

Richard F. Sayage – Solo Guitar Works Volume 1



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Packaging is professionally done within its hard-shell case.
It is always preferred that you come to the Studio to play it and pick it up.

All concert level guitars come with a standard accessory package including extras sets of strings, humidifier, headstock tuner, nail buffer and more to help you care for and maintain your classical guitar. It is my way of saying thank you for doing business with me and Savage Classical Guitar.  Rich


This classical guitar carries a 1 Year Warranty from Cordoba Music Group

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Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions45 × 18 × 8 in

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