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2015 Luciano Maggi Flamenco Spruce Cypress


An amazing guitar by the Italian Master Luthier – Blanca with superb power and voice

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2015 Luciano Maggi Flamenco Spruce Cypress


Model2015 Luciano Maggi Flamenco Spruce Cypress Shaula Model
ConditionPre-Owned- Excellent Condition – see description below
Scale650 mm
FinishFrench Polish Top with Maggi’s Original Varnish
TunersPegs – Traditional – fit very well
CaseItalian Contoured HSC – nice case by Marco Magi of Italy

Tone Woods

TopSelect Italian Spruce, source is Val di Fiemme (Stradivari’s spruce)
NeckFigured Sapele Mahogany
BridgeRosewood – 12 hole tie block
Head PlateCarved Rosewood
FingerboardEbony (Diospyros ebenum) via Cameroon


Nut Width52mm
String Spacings 44mm – 51mm- 58mm at 1st fret – 12th fret – saddle
Overall length 39″
Body length 19 1/4″
Upper bout width 10 3/4″
Waist Width 9″
Lower bout width 14 1/8″
Body depths 3 7/16″ & 3 11/16″ upper bout to lower bout
Guitar Weight 3lbs. & 2 oz.
Action 3.0mm. & 2.25mm
CITES Not applicable as the woods used are not restricted – See link to left

2015 Luciano Maggi Flamenco Spruce Cypress


This is a very interesting guitar.  She is classified as a Shaula Flamenco by Luciano (see label photo).  The internals are amazing (see photos).  The guitar is quick, loud, percussive, a monster in every regard.  She is also in excellent condition, with just the slightest tap marks in and around the rosette and the bridge, (wholly expected from a professional level flamenco).  I would have thought it would be worse, but she was very well taken care of in all regards.  The old style wooden pegs work very well.  I was able to tune it up very quickly and easily.

The guitar is seriously worked on the inside.  I cannot say enough.  There is bracing, X patterns, air flow holes in the soundbars, bracing on the back, and so on.  It’s a marvel to look at the inside of this guitar.  I suppose he knows what he’s doing simply because the guitar delivers.  Extraordinary is the word.

The price includes an Italian built HSC and Express Shipping to the 50US

From the owner, who knows Luciano well, ”

The purpose of the diaphragm is to allow the air column flow through the sound port to be reversed in direction in respect to the sound hole flow.
In other words, when the air is going into the sound hole, it is expelled from the sound port and vice versa.
This prevents the air flow to fight against itself as it is the case in a traditional single hole guitar and it allows for much greater dynamics without the compression effect typical of when a guitar is being pushed to its limits.
It also allows the sound wave to be ‘formed outside of the guitar’. What I mean by that is that the air flow is almost circulating ‘through’ the guitar through the two holes, completing the circle outside of the guitar, where the audience is. The sound resulting is therefore perceived as ‘right there’ and coming from all around by the audience, rather than boxy as sometimes is the case even with traditional concert guitars.
I realize this all sounds like mumbo jumbo, but to hear is to believe.
The projection of this type of construction is really something one has to hear to believe it. To really appreciate all this you should play this guitar in a huge hall. After all, it is a concert guitar.
The dimensions of the small holes on the diaphragm also play a big role.
So much so that the guitar can be tuned and completely change sound character if you experiment any combination of plugging them up.
However, the best projection and volume is achieved with the holes open, just as it came.”



Listening with high quality headphones or audio equipment is highly recommended

We have a guest professional flamenco artist coming to the gallery to record the flamenco guitars here.  He’ll do a helluva better job than me, that’s for certain LOL..

MP3 Audio – Just having fun with the guitar as I have zero flamenco chops – a few ideas and then some discussion – luciano-maggi-2015



Vito Genna performing a Traditional Rumba using Luciano’s guitar


Another Video sent to me by Luciano.  Wonderful performance, you can hear the raw energy of the guitar in the hands of the performer, Angela Centola playing some quality Sabicas


Premium HSC is included in your purchase price.
Insured FedEx Ground, USPS Ground Shipping is NOT included to the 50 US or anywhere else,  Please make note of this as costs have gone up significantly.
Anywhere else is subject to the most recent quote from USPS
Please write to me for a detailed quote for International Shipping.
Packaging is professionally done within its hard-shell case.
It is always preferred that you come to the Studio to play it and pick it up.


This flamenco guitar carries a NO warranty from the luthier as she is Pre-Owned

Please read my Return Policy

Please inquire using email or phone (Contact Me)

Email me directly if you need more info: savageclassical at outlook dot com


Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions45 × 18 × 8 in
Tone Wood

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