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2022 Matt Rubendall Spruce Ziricote 640mm


Double sides and back adding stiffness and support to a guitar designed to be driven.  Nice!

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2022 Matt Rubendall Spruce Ziricote 640mm


Model 2022 Matt Rubendall Spruce Ziricote 640mm
Condition New – Showroom Condition
Scale 640 mm
Finish French Polished Top – Varnish Back/Sides
Tuners Premium Alessi Machines
Case Visesnut Active Series in Gray – great case, heavy duty but light

Tone Woods

Top Select Italian Spruce – fan braced all wood
Sides/Back Ziricote – Double Sides and Back – solid – see below
Neck Honduran Mahogany – adjustable – easy to manipulate
Bridge Ebony
Head Plate Walnut
Fingerboard African Ebony – elevated – nice!
Binding Wenge
Purflings Wenge


Nut Width 52mm at the nut, 62 neck width at the 12th fret
String Spacings 44mm – 53mm – 64mm (1st – 12th- Bridge)
Neck Depths 21mm and 25mm at 1st fret and 9th fret
Overall length 38 3/4″
Body length 19″
Upper bout width 11″
Waist width 9 1/4″
Lower bout width 14 5/8″
Body depths 3 1/2″ Upper Bout & 3 1/2″ Lower Bout
Guitar Weight 4lbs & 6oz.
Action 3.7mm to 3.4mm Low E to High E (12th fret- unfretted)

2022 Matt Rubendall Spruce Ziricote 640mm


Matt continues a fine tradition of New York City guitar building, coupling power and song in his latest offerings.  Powerful and expressive, I was immediately impressed by her total experience.  Singing, balanced, with projection and power.  Matt is a driven builder, doing things his way, which I respect greatly.  His commitment to doing what is best for the guitar, not being distracted by the “latest” craze, means that the guitar you own from Mr. Rubendall is pure in its goal.  Be musical, be a concert classical guitar, with voice and power.

Please note that this is a smaller scale instrument measuring 640mm scale length, making it perfect for those player with a less than 9″ spread in their fingers.  The guitar is so easy to play.

The sides and back are double walled, formed and glued together, adding a distinct stiffness to the overall structure.  The internal back wood is a Big Leaf Maple, while the internal sides are mahogany.

The guitar demands high tension strings giving you push from the soundboard and the box as a whole.  It is a distinct pleasure to play this guitar.  You start smiling and lose yourself for quite a while.

His guitars, in general, this one as well, have enormous power, coloration, depth and soul.  Matt is a not so hidden gem of a builder in the NorthEast.  He is becoming known to many high profile players, having a full schedule of commissions for the forseeable future.  Deservedly so.

This particular guitar is very strong in the highs, mids and lows.  It is a literal monster of voice and power.  I remain duly impressed.  She evidences a clear voice that plays well loudly as well as softly.  The stiffness of the sides and back, in the pseudo-style of Friederich coupled with Contreras, make for a very active top that goes beyond what you might first expect.  Matt is clearly demonstrating a new level of build and musicality, with force and power, that increases my appreciation for a luthier of this magnitude in such close proximity to myself.

The neck is easily adjustable, if you would peruse the photos attached, of the neck and the heel, with a simple allen wrench, you can adjust the angles, action, and feel of the guitar to suit your needs.  Loosen the neck bolt, adjust the back bolt to where you want the action, tighten the neck bolt again, voila!  Nice!!  As it is, you don’t need to do so, but you can if you wish.  The guitar comes with the tools required that are handcrafted by Matt himself.  He is also becoming known as a superb tool maker as well as knife maker.  Most cool!

Matt’s workmanship and attention to detail is superb.  His knowledge of the guitar is massive.  It shows in his builds.  This is an excellent concert classical guitar in every regard.



Listening with high quality headphones or audio equipment is highly recommended including EQ manipulation, if possible. We record everything flat with just a touch of Reverb to relieve dryness. My goal is to record the guitar as realistically as is possible. I speak in the recordings, my thoughts about the guitar (and possibly other things?).  My speaking also serves to give you my first impressions and to also give you a balance of the engineering (or lack thereof) versus the sound of the guitar.  I simply do not have time to engineer much of anything.  Thanks. Rich

MP3 Audio – 221203-2022 Matt Rubendall Spruce Ziricote 640mm – I can tell you that this is an incredibly active, fun guitar to play.  Perfectly setup, easy to play and drive.  I perform some other original stuff, including “Song for Gandalf Cat” and a study in E Minor.  Just a lot of fun.  Piercing if you wish, soft and mellow when you wish, and everything in between.  Really, a phenomenal guitar.

My Solo Book of sheet music is available here if you’re interested.

Richard F. Sayage – Solo Guitar Works Volume 1




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This classical guitar carries a 1 year warranty from the Luthier

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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 19 × 9 in

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