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Alessi Tuning Machines – Hauser 6 Oval Ivory


Silver Stamping – Hand Engraved -White Roller – Ivory Dots – 15:1 Ratio

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Alessi Tuning Machines – Hauser 6 with Oval Ivory Buttons

Deep Silver Plating – Hand Engraved with High Detail – White Roller – Ivory Dots – 15:1 Ratio

Stock Photo of the Machines – click for Full Size in a new window – these are truly gorgeous machines

The ones that I have are Silver Plated with White Dots and Ivory Ovals with Style A Pips and Sleeves

I also have them in Ebony Oval buttons with Black Rollers and Black Dots – same style – here

Alessi Tuning Machines by Savage Classical Guitar







All tuners are priced with Free USPS Priority Shipping to the 50 US States

Deliveries elsewhere will incur normal USPS shipping charges – write to me if you have any questions

This particular set shown above has a Style A Top and End Pin as well as the Style A Sleeve.

Please see below for the difference in Style A and Style B.

Please call me to verify which style I have available, either Style A or Style B.  Rich 631-335-5447

I sometimes have both or one or the other.  Some machines do not have a sleeve, as well.

It is always a good idea to call me to verify what I have available, as it is virtually impossible to photograph every single machine I have here in the studio.  By calling me, we can avoid unnecessary confusion and/or delay in getting you the correct machine for your guitar.










Mother of Pearl (MOP) Buttons and Dots are an additional $120.00

as are those with special buttons, i.e. Kidney Shaped Buttons

Any tuner listed with Ivory is using a Synthetic Ivory (of course)!


All tuners are built with Brass Plates (except Silver Plates) – Bronze Gears with Stainless Steel Worms

Brass Bushing Holes and a Lubrication Hole in each Gear

They are all 35mm on center regarding rollers

Ergal Shafts are Alessi’s new standard creating less weight – e.g. Hauser 1 was 175 grams…it is now 130 grams

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 6 × 4 in

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