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Alessi Tuning Machines – Oval Ebony F4


Gold Plating – Hand Engraved – Oval Ebony Buttons – Black Roller – Standard Black Dots – 15:1 Ratio

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Alessi F4 Series with Oval Ebony buttons

Gold Plating – Hand Engraved – Black Roller – Ebony Dots – 15:1 Ratio

Photo of the Actual Machines – click for Full Size in a new window

This is a typical set shown below and or to the right.

Ebony Buttons with White or Black Rollers and a A-style Pip setting.

Call me with any questions about what I might have in stock.

My latest order from Nicolò have black rollers with Ebony buttons and white rollers with Ivory Buttons.  This is my standard and standing configuration from this point forward.

I only have Ebony Ovals on Black Rollers and Dots available with A-Style Pips.

No other variation will be available except as a custom order.  Please contact me.

Alessi Tuning Machines - Oval Ebony F4

Alessi Tuning Machines – Oval Ebony F4


Alessi Tuning Machines – Oval Ebony F4 – Savage Classical Guitar

The F – Series Tuning Machines are simply a style name applied by Nicolò to these tuning machines

They are identical in construct to Alessi Hauser Tuning Machines

The differences lie in the detail of engraving, though still high, and

The collars around the shafts, and the difference in end pins of the shafts.


This particular set shown above has a Style A Top and End Pin as well as the Style A Sleeve.  Please see below for the difference in Style A and Style B.


It is always a good idea to call me to verify what I have available, as it is virtually impossible to photograph every single machine I have here in the studio.  By calling me, we can avoid unnecessary confusion and/or delay in getting you the correct machine for your guitar.

All tuners are priced with Free USPS Priority Shipping to the 50 US States

Deliveries elsewhere will incur normal USPS shipping charges – write to me if you have any questions


Mother of Pearl (MOP) Buttons and Dots are an additional $120.00

as are those with special buttons, i.e. Kidney Shaped Buttons

Any tuner listed with Ivory is using a Synthetic Ivory (of course)!


All tuners are built with Brass Plates (except Silver Plates) – Bronze Gears with Stainless Steel Worms

Brass Bushing Holes and a Lubrication Hole in each Gear

They are all 35mm on center regarding rollers

Ergal Shafts are Alessi’s new standard creating less weight – e.g. Hauser 1 was 175 grams…it is now 130 grams

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