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Casimiro Lozano Classical Guitar 1A Especial 2003 Spruce CSA
Casimiro Lozano Classical Guitar 1A Especial 2003 Spruce CSA

Casimiro Lozano Classical Guitar 1A Especial 2003 Spruce CSA

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Master Luthier Lozano and his 1A Especial with CSA Rosewood

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Casimiro Lozano Classical Guitar 1A Especial 2003 Spruce CSA


Model Casimiro Lozano Classical Guitar 1A Especial 2003 Spruce CSA
Condition Pre-Owned – Excellent Condition
Scale 652 mm compensated
Finish French Polished
Tuners Fustero with Faux MOP Buttons
Case Artesano HSC

Tone Woods

Top German Spruce – very select – traditional top and bracing
Sides/Back CSA Rosewood – straight with chocolate browns and figuring at base
Neck Spanish cedar
Bridge CSA Rosewood
Head Plate CSA Rosewood
Fingerboard Ebony
Binding Rosewoods – Sycamore


Nut Width 52mm
String Spacing 43mm – 49mm – 57mm (1st- 12th – Bridge)
Overall length 39 3/4″
Body length 19 1/4″
Upper bout width 11 1/4″
Waist width 9 1/2″
Lower bout width 14 5/8″
Body depths 3 13/16″ &  4″ (upper and lower bouts)

Casimiro Lozano Classical Guitar 1A Especial 2003 Spruce CSA


Just Arrived!  I will write more as I get to know the guitar.  She is in excellent condition.  The guitar is traditionally built, well before his double top construction days.   The guitar really is magnificent with a strong Spanish character, clear, bold and direct.  Very good condition if not excellent.  Honest playing wear on the top, minimized at best.  CSA is in excellent condition.  Play is moderate, not too difficult, able to drive her fairly hard.  I like that in a guitar.  She’s very nice.


About Casimiro Lozano – Casimiro Lozano carries during his long life building handmade guitars, with an insatiable obsession with improving everyday his works and his perfectionist zeal has led him to a renowned and deserved prestige among the most illustrious luthiers. From childhood, Casimiro Lozano and showed a huge interest in building guitars. His great capacity for observation and learning, combined with an ongoing desire to excel led him to quickly develop high quality guitars and exquisite finish. Taking as a starting reference Fleta guitar, and evolucionándola its own building system , emerged from experiments in the full realization of all construction processes of the guitar as well as the comments of great guitarists , has been allowed to get their guitars display a power and a crisp , deep and surround sound, the fact prized by musicians around the world such as Goran Sollschers, Espí Fernando, Pedro Jesús Gómez, Takeshi Tezuka, Edgar petejo , Win Brioen, Hans shield, Reza Solimani , Carsten Grondahl, Carlos Cunha, Miguel Carvalhinho, Miguel Barceló….In recent years his son Victor works closely with his father, building his own guitars under the tutelage of this , following the same methods of construction and showing an interest and concern in her comparable to his father works.
Casimiro Lozano has got to be the leader in Spain in building guitars double top, thanks to his tenacity, patience and looking in great demand all his works. Casimiro Lozano Guitars are nowadays synonymous with the best Spanish handicrafts, fruit of a long life in which continuous improvement in all processes of manufacture of the guitar have been and will be a constant.
Casimiro Lozano’s workshop is located in a rural setting, particularly on the outskirts of a small town of Cuenca, Rubielos in the area commonly called The Machuela Conquense, where tranquility, absence of noise and hectic life of the city confer the ideal environment for the craftsman have full concentration on the production of entirely handmade work.



Listening with high quality headphones or audio equipment is highly recommended

MP3 Audio  – casi-lozano-2003-spruce-csa – a truly spectacular example of Spanish clarity and growl in her voices.  Price is tough to beat for such an amazing voice.

My Solo Book of sheet music is available here if you’re interested.



Aaron Benowitz plays a Casimiro Lozano Classical Guitar 1A Especial 2003 Spruce CSA at Savage Classical Guitar



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