Gotoh – 35G510 C – Oval MOP & BMOP Buttons


Gold with with Oval Black Mother of Pearl (MOP) or Oval White MOP Buttonss and White Rollers 16:1 Ratio.

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Gotoh Tuning Machines Model 35G510C

This Gotoh Premium Machine come with Gold Plating and either with Oval Black Mother of Pearl (MOP) or Oval White MOP Buttons and White Rollers and a 16:1 Ratio

– Please note that the MOP Buttons are a premium addition, elegant and gorgeous!

I will always provide drawings or at least written dimensions so that you will know if they will fit your headstockGotoh Tuning Machines by Savage Classical Guitar


All Gotoh 35G510 Models have:


  • a 17.5mm width to the machine plate
  • 32mm-35mm-31mm screw set width to the machine plate from left to right
  • a 10.0mm width to the rollers
  • The rollers themselves are 30mm long with a 16mm offset for the string hole from the back of the plate
  • a 112.0 mm total length to the machine plate except for the Gotoh 35G510_S plate, which is 110mm
  • a 16:1 Gear Ratio


Lubri-Plate is a lubricating composite coating layer applied in the manufacturing process allowing for micro-precision tuning, while offering no limit to the accuracy and durability for the life of the machines.


Injected screw moldings for consolidation in the gears and shaft, gear shaft and integrated parts.
Rubber elastic members are installed on each axis of the cushioning plate and the body providing maximum stability over the life of the machine


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