Humicase Protégé – Classical Guitar Case


Humicase Metro Classical Guitar Cases are now available from Savage Classical Guitar

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Humicase Protégé Classical Guitar Case

Humicase Protege Classical Guitar Case

Humicase Protégé
Classical Guitar Case

Arched top, wood case with 7-Ply Construction.

These cases are lightweight and durable, this modern yet classy handcrafted case features a convenient climatic protection system to protect your investment with great style.

Notable features include a soft Navy Blue Plush padded interior with accessory compartment, well-padded neck and body support, sturdy hinges and latches.


  • Weight: 10.5 lbs.
  • Interior Material – Navy Blue Plush
  • Outer Dimensions:
    • Length – 42.25”
    • Upper Bout Width – 13.75”
    • Lower Bout Width – 15.75”
    • Depth – 6.25”
  • Inner Dimensions:
    • Body Length: 20.0″
    • Body Depth: 4″
    • Lower Bout: 15″
    • Upper Bout: 11.5″
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About HumiCase™

HumiCase™ offers a full line of affordable cases specifically designed to protect acoustic guitars from the elements. With both the novice and professional musician in mind, HumiCase™ products include everything needed to ensure safe, proper humidification and protection. Humicase™ understands the need for a humidity controlled environment for classical and acoustic guitars.

The self-humidifying system helps prevent cracking, shrinking, and other damage due to changes in climate and temperature. After years of testing, HumiCase™ has developed a product that has proven itself effective in decreasing the risk of instrument damage due to dryness. HumiCase’s™ patent pending dual action humidity control system is mounted in each case, and designed to maintain continuous humidity control.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 18 × 8 in