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Manuel Adalid La Catedral II Alboraya Shop Cedar Malaysian Blackwood

Manuel Adalid La Catedral II Alboraya Shop Cedar Malaysian Blackwood


Manuel Adalid Classical Guitar La Catedral Model II – Signed – Cedar – Malaysian Blackwood – 650mm – Magnificent Guitar

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Manuel Adalid Classical Guitar – La Catedral II – Alboraya Shop

Model Manuel Adalid Classical Guitar – La Catedral II – Alboraya Shop from his personal workshop in Alboraya Spain, using the best of everything – sold exclusively by Savage Classical Guitar
Condition New – Excellent Condition – see description below
Scale 650 mm
Finish French Polished
Tuners Gotoh 35G510P Premium Gotoh machines
Case Premium Black Hardshell ABS Case

Tone Woods

Top Western Red Cedar – Incredible Figuring – tight and straight grain – armrest
Sides/Back Malyasian Blackwood – magnificent specimen of reddish and purplish browns
Neck Spanish Cedar
Bridge Malyasian Blackwood
Fingerboard Ebony


Nut Width 52mm
String Spacing 44mm – 51mm- 58mm (1st – 12th – Bridge)
Overall length  39 3/4″
Body length  19 5/8″
Upper bout  10 1/2″
Lower bout  14 3/4″
Waist Width  9 5/8″
Body depth 3 7/8″ Upper Bout & 4 1/8″ Lower Bout
Weight 4 lbs & 1 oz.
Action  4.1mm  & 3.4mm low E to high E 12th fret, unfretted
CITES Not required for Blackwood (ebony species)

Manuel Adalid Classical Guitar – La Catedral II – Alboraya Shop


Note….this guitar is only available in my shop.  Just as the  Segovia Hauser ’37 Bench Copy built by Manuel Adalid is one of a kind, the same with this powerful and sweet Custom Classical Guitar loosely based upon the Reyes along with the culmination of his entire experience of 50 years.

The Alboraya label signifies Manuel’s home shop and his own personal builds.  As I’ve stated in another listing, I will be the only shop carrying this select line of guitars built by and personally signed by Manuel in his home workshop in Alboraya, Spain.

I’m excited by this, for a number of reasons, but the most important being that they are seriously special.  The voice, the sound, the play, the complexity, the clarity, all of it is there and more.  The man’s experience is wholly within this guitar and all of these special custom models built by Manuel himself.

Manuel has worked closely with a well known guitarist of incomparable ability, who also has an excellent ear, to develop this extraordinary line of guitars.  Investment in an incredibly expensive laser saw and routing setup has allowed for minute tolerances and incredibly accurate cuts, then fine tuned by Manuel’s hands himself.

From the choices of the woods to the tapping of the instrument’s boards, to the minutest detail, we are looking at one of the finest examples of Manuel’s work, fine tuned by Richard Bruné, wholly set up to play.  What a voice.

The play is magnificent.  Low and accessible, it is designed for any player.  The guitar is fast and expressive.  Action is moderate to low and more than do-able.

This guitar is exquisite.

The guitar is dated from 2014, a dealer transfer from Puerto Rico.  It looks to have been played a touch, thus the sub-$7500 price point on the guitar.

The price includes an Cibeles Black ABS HSC and Expedited Shipping to the 50US

Read more about Manuel and his work here


Malayasian Blackwood – (Diospyros ebonasea)

Common Name(s): Malaysian Blackwood
Scientific Name: Diospyros ebonasea

Color/Appearance: Heartwood ranges from a medium brown to nearly black. Commonly with black veining and contrasting brown or reddish streaks. Heartwood can also have a greenish hue. Sharply demarcated sapwood is a pale yellow to tan color, and is typically present on most pieces. Insect holes, particularly in the sapwood, are common.
Grain/Texture: Grain is generally straight, with a very fine, even texture and good natural luster.
Workability: Tends to be rather difficult to work, due to its high density, blunting effect on cutters. Tends to be difficult to steam bend. Turns well.
Odor: No characteristic odor.

Pricing/Availability: Seldom available, Malaysian Blackwood is very expensive, just as expensive as any solid-black piece of true ebony. The wood is usually sold as guitar sets, or as small turning blanks.
Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. However, because the scientific name Diospyros ebonasea is unverified, the wood may actually be a different species. Many Diospyros species are listed as vulnerable or endangered.
Common Uses: Acoustic guitars, turned objects, knife handles, and inlay.
Comments: The term blackwood may be an unnecessarily modest appellation, as this wood is classified as a true ebony in the Diospyros genus, and it’s price and scarcity fully reflect that. However, the actual scientific name Diospyros ebonasea is, as of yet, completely unsubstantiated. It’s more than likely another known Diospyros species. Nonetheless, despite the semantic quirks of the wood’s common and scientific names, Malaysian Blackwood remains a remarkably beautiful hardwood with unique patterns and coloration that are in a class by itself.
Malaysian Blackwood is also favored for acoustic guitars, and is said to be an excellent tonewood.

– taken from



MP3 Audio – 200117-Manuel Adalid La Catedral II Alboraya Shop Cedar Malaysian Blackwood – a new sketch and Prelude #15 in C Major by me and some further discussion.  Great guitar with a darker, woody, moody, and evocative sound.  Surprisingly, her clarity and projection are clearly evident.  Most enjoyable guitar experience and in the end, that’s what we all want.  Superior voicing, clarity, depth and evocative music making out of our guitar.


MP4 Video – Geoffrey Morris of Australia performing on Manuel’s La Catedral Model – very beautiful.



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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 18 × 8 in