Nikco Instrument Polish


NIKCO Super Polish Instrument Polish in 500 ml and 100 ml bottles – used by some of the best in the business

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Nicko Instrument Polish

Nikco Instrument Polish

NIKCO Super Polish for Musical Instruments – Stringed Instruments

Nikco Super Polish is considered by many to be the best instrument polish available.  This polish was brought to my attention by the great Canadian Luthier Jean Rompré.

I’ve been looking for a superior polish suitable for shellac finishes and French Polish in general.  Looks like I found it.  The stuff is awesome.

Nikco Super Polish brightens and rejuvenates the finish of your instrument. Do not misunderstand, it is not a miracle product, replacing finish magically, but will certainly make what is there look awesome.

To prepare for use, shake the bottle vigorously until it is well mixed.

Apply with a soft and clean rag, soft and circular motions, with the grain and then back to circular motions.  You can also mist the area you wish to polish with clean water (very little)

Turn the rag occasionally while polishing, much like applying car wax that you want to dry and haze.

Let dry to a haze and then remove the haze with another clean rag until the gloss really starts to present itself.

Do not be too aggressive.  It’s always a good idea to test an inconspicuous area of the instrument, just to make sure there are no adverse reactions to the polish and or to your technique of polishing.

I have had excellent results from using the polish, all by hand.  I found it really did brighten up areas that were slightly dulled.  It looks to have removed (or maybe just hid) very fine scratch marks as well.

Professional makers and players around the world use it for all of their wood instruments. Now I understand why the product has gained some traction in our niche market.  Another example of me choosing the best products possible for my clientele.  Remember, I can sell anything and everything.  I choose what I offer to my clients very carefully.  Enjoy and please feel free to call me or write with any questions about this product or anything else.  Rich  631-335-5447

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The product is produced in France and is available in 100 ml and 500 ml bottles.  Please use the option dialog above at the top of this listing to choose the size bottle you desire.

Also known as Nikco Super Vernilline – “renovates all varnishes” is the translation of rénove tous les vernis


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