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2011 Simon Marty Classical Guitar

Simon Marty Classical Guitar 2011 Spruce Brazilian

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Classical Guitar by the Australian Master Luthier, Simon Marty – Spruce with Brazilian Rosewood

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Model Simon Marty Classical Guitar 2011
Scale 652mm
Top Select European Spruce with custom armrest
Sides/Back Brazilian Rosewood that is drop dead gorgeous
Head Plate Brazilian Rosewood
Bridge Brazilian Rosewood
Fingerboard Ebony
Tuners Gilberts with snakewood buttons and dots
Nut Width 53mm
Finish Lacquer – thinly and expertly applied by Simon
Overall length 38 1/2″
Body length 19″
Upper bout width 11 1/4″
Lower bout width 14 1/2″
Body depth 3 7/8″
String Spacing 44mm, 50mm, 58mm (nut, 12th, bridge)
Condition New – This Classical Guitar is in near Showroom Condition
Case Premium HSC TKL type arch top

Simon Marty Classical Guitar 2011 Spruce & Brazilian Rosewood

simon_marty_2011_spruce_braz_920Comments:  Australian Master Luthier, Simon Marty creates a gorgeous beauty that matches herself in power, voice, and expressiveness. Last of her kind in the USA, the Brazilian Rosewood is simply spectacular as is every other aspect of this unique classical guitar. As per the dealer it was taken from, Simon will not deal with the paperwork associated with bringing guitars to the North American continent that are subject to intense scrutiny, i.e. Lacey Act. Can’t say that I blame him.

The guitar is new, not played except by the dealer, where I now own it and present it to my American customers. For the same reasons that Simon will not send a guitar like this to our country, I can only offer it to my own clientele in the 50 United States.

The guitar, owned by a dealer, clearly demo-ed the guitar for clients, and in the process, caused the slightest bit of play wear.  The guitar has small marks on the back of the headstock. They are very slight, but I disclose everything I know of when it comes to guitars.  There is small disturbance to the finish on the back, by the smaller bout, on and by the binding.  It is not visible, but I can feel it with my fingertip. I believe I can smooth it out, but again, if I know about it, I state it clearly.

OK, some further points.  That is a curved armrest to the left side of the lower bout.  It is NOT a weird shadow or disfigurement of the guitar?  Somebody actually wrote that to me.  It is very comfortable, and can be barely seen when playing.

Additionally, those three vertical lines running from the rosette to below the bridge are NOT shadows.  They are stripes in the Spruce specifically chosen by Simon.  Tiger Striping was the term I heard used.  The guitar is ridiculously beautiful, in the photos and more so in person.

I’ve discounted the guitar another $1K to reflect the lack of a Karura Case, which it originally came with.  I was originally told it was destroyed, but clearly it was simply switched out for a different and clearly less expensive case.  Nothing to be done about, the discount applies to the lack of case, as well as some of the insignificant and slight marks on the guitar.  There will be zero negotiation of the price as it stands as listed.  Thank you kindly for your understanding.

The guitar itself is incredible.  Musical, a bit Australian in her Spruce, yet able to evince a very deep warmth, all while maintaining a very clear and brilliant voice.  She is also very heavy.  Have no delusions of Spanish lightness, this is a heavy Australian guitar.  Really nice one too  🙂

I have more recent commentary below, after refreshing my memory of the guitar.



YouTube Video – Jordan Romanacce performing on this wonderful guitar

These are performed by Jordan Romanacce

MP3s available here:

Simon Marty – Brouwer Etude #6 Simon Marty – Simone Iannarelli #2


I’ve just sat down with her this morning, after a client had played her, complaining about the guitar having a nasally voice (if that’s a word).  I sat down to play and listen objectively, realizing the player’s technique simply may not be suited to the guitar.  I was correct.  I also realized that I never recorded the guitar?  Weird.

In the end, I have to wholly disagree.  The guitar is not a warm blooded creature, per se, but she is not nasal voiced.  A neutral right hand to a warmer position, and the Bach was flowing out of her with wholesome basses and crystal highs, while some moody music I played was also right up her alley.  I could play this guitar all day, set up low, able to drive her, color her beautiful voice, falling in love with this guitar all over again.  She is gorgeous in all regards.

Recording of me playing her is uploaded, below.   A sketch which has started to become the final of a simple piece I’m calling “It’s A Quiet Night”, which will become part of a set of easy Preludes, maybe 5 or 6.  I’m working on them.  There’s a bit of another sketch in there as well, which I’m thinking of calling A Scottish Romp.  LOL  Love the guitar.  She is beautiful in every way imaginable.  Rich

MP3 Audio – 140330_simon_marty-2011 –  “It’s a Quiet Night” – “Es Una Noche Tranquila”



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Dimensions 45 × 18 × 8 in