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Visesnut Cases for Classical Guitar Bronze
Visesnut Cases for Classical Guitar Black
Visesnut Cases for Classical Guitar Bronze

Visesnut Cases for Classical Guitar


VisesNut Cases for Classical Guitars

Optimum protection, minimum weight

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Visesnut Cases for Classical Guitar

Visesnut Cases for  Classical Guitar Black

Visesnut Cases for
Classical Guitar

Visesnut Case for Classical Guitar, built in Thailand, is a revolutionary new design was developed by “Jeep” Visesnut of Thailand, who is also a talented guitarmaker.

The case weighs a mere 7 pounds empty, far less than most other cases, and is exceptionally strong, easily supporting the weight of a 200 pound person standing flat on the lid. The case body is made from a unique double wall structure designed to absorb impacts and insulate from extreme temperature changes. The handle is large, comfortable and made of leather for flexibility and durability.

The locking latches are stainless steel and the back pack straps (included) have very secure locking nut “D” rings, tested to withstand a 100 pound drop test. There are no protruding latch parts to impale the guitar if the lid were to accidentally close while removing or replacing the instrument. The lid stop strap is designed to ensure the lid remains open when replacing or removing the guitar, and there is a redundant lid support stop on each nickel plated brass hinge.

The exterior bumpers are cushioned durable plastic widely placed on the case to ensure stability when the case is standing in either a vertical or horizontal position. The lid and body meet with a special cushioned gasket seal to ensure humidity control, water repelling and intimate contact of the lid and body for superior strength and case integrity in the event of severe blows to the exterior.

Inside, the case is plush lined with a unique adjustable cushioned suspension design which allows the case to custom adjusted to fit just about any standard and many smaller sized classical guitar models. Whether you have a very large bodied Ramirez 1a or a petite smaller bodied Torres, the interior can be adjusted in seconds to hug the body with the unique velcro adjustment straps located in the string compartment, Once adjusted, they retain the memory of the guitar they were fitted to, so no need to re-adjust unless you change to a different guitar size. This incredible adjustment feature is unique among all cases on the market today and is a revolutionary advancement in protection.

The neck supports are completely cushioned and gently support the neck in all dimensions when the case is closed, eliminating the potential shock to the instrument head in extreme drops. The interior accessory compartment has a soft hinged lid which is easily removable with velcro attachment.


Weight of the case is just about 7 lbs.

I adjusted the case in about 1 minute.  Never seen anything easier.  Inside the case compartment, undo the 2 velcro straps, pull until it fits snugly, re-attach the velcro straps, close the case compartment, done!  Easy peasy.

The cases are very handsome and clearly durable.  The latches attach, screw clock-wise once and snap down.  Very simple.  Very elegant overall.  I like them a lot.  Handled them quite a bit today after the photo shoot.  I have to say, they feel great, very strong and they look fantastic.

Visesnut Cases for Classical Guitar

Visesnut Cases for Classical Guitar


Visesnut Cases for Classical Guitar


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