Customers from outside the US

should Contact Richard about International Shipping Rates.

Please note that you will need to have a confirmed address, and this confirmation of address must happen thru PayPal.  If you’re address is not confirmed, the guitar will not be shipped.  This applies to International and Domestic buyers as well.  Take the time to confirm your billing information with PayPal.

International Customers!  Please note that I prefer direct wire transfers from this point forward for any major purchase.  If you do not wish to confirm your address and billing information with PayPal or your Credit Card, this is your only option.  To be clear, if I receive an order via Credit Card purchase, where your address is NOT confirmed, you have wasted your time and mine.  The purchase will be refunded immediately and we have to start again.  Please see my page, Payment Options for a further explanation.


First things first, I mandated a Secure Web Site from my Front Page to your Checkout.  Notice the Locked HTTPS:// in the web address bar when you are within my entire site, and certainly in the shopping cart and or entering any sensitive information.

I realized that my site has you inputting information for the Blog, Newsletter, and of course your Buying Experience.  Anything you do with me and my business should keep your information safe.  I am borderline psychotic when it comes to on-line safety for myself and the people that choose to do business with me, thus the Secure Site.  I’m using a 256 bit Encryption Verified by GoDaddy.  You can see the Seal on the Right Side or Footer of every web page within my site.

Saying that, I am working on a seamless Checkout Process for my customers.  I use PayPal Credit Card (CC) Services as a payment gateway, which is also secure and encrypted as above.  I describe a little more below.  The reason I use PayPal is they are very dependable, secure for both of us, and they accept ALL Major Credit Cards (except for American Express..ugh, horrible people, let me leave it at that).  I’ve been using PayPal for over a decade.  They have been very good on both sides of the payment process.

Savage Classical Guitar’s PayPal Shopping Cart

Easy, Quick, & Secure Shopping
This seal is only available to those Secured member sellers that are PayPal verified.

By using my PayPal Shopping Cart you are assured of

A SECURE & QUICK authorization of payment for the music guitar or equipment you decided on.

Please note that you DO NOT need a PayPal Account or Membership to order through my site.
PayPal shopping carts now accept ALL major credit cards. Sweet!!!

Please remember that PayPal DOES NOT share your credit or bank information with sellers.

-We will not ever ask for a credit card number or any other information.
-You should NEVER give yours to anyone you do not trust.
-You do not have to give me your address as everything is handled by PayPal.
-Bear in mind that I am only concerned with delivering your music books, guitars, and accessories quickly & safely.
-We are PayPal verified. My business address and Bank information are on file with PayPal.
-My record of service to every single customer and the quality of the music is of paramount importance.
-The PayPal account will correctly state “Pay To: [email protected] or [email protected]”.
-Your bill will state “PayPal * SCGT RSAYAGE” and the exact amount that you authorized.
-You can always contact me with any concerns. Expect a fast reply within minutes or hours at the most.
I personally guarantee your satisfaction with my level of service and my commitment to the happiness of my clientele.


PayTrace Credit Card Processing

PayTrace handles all of our other Credit Card Processing.  They are among the largest and most secure companies I have encountered.  They provide developers with tools to master the e-commerce space, including:

    • Shopping carts
    • Secure hosted solutions
    • Developer friendly APIs
    • Interchange savings with Level II & III data
    • Fraud tools
    • Free tokenization
    • Level I PCI compliant
    • Client side encryption



International Wires can be handled by for much less than your Bank will charge you in Wire fees and unfair Currency Exchange Rates.  Try them.  I’m certain you’ll be happy with the service.  I can send you invoices from them that you can pay in your own currency, inexpensively and quickly.

On the subject of NY State Sales TAX:

  1. Sales Tax is only charged to NY State Residents at a rate of 8.625%
  2. Sales Tax is NOT charged to any client whose address is out of NY State
  3. Sales Tax is applicable to all clients, regardless of address, when purchasing in person at my studio in NY.  Please be aware of this.
  4. International clients are not charged Sales Tax by Savage Classical Guitar
    • International clients are wholly and fully responsible for any costs associated with Customs & Duty in their respective country.

Please feel free to call or write to me with anything.  My staff and I will always do our best for you.

Richard F. Sayage