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Robert Vincent Luthier – San Diego – Reviews

Hi Everyone, I just got back from Cancun after a long needed vacation on April 5, 2018.  I was pleasantly surprised by 2 reviews of Rob Vincent and his work, one from last year and just recently.  I post them as is without further commentary.  Thank you all!

Robert Vincent Classical Guitar #175-R 2017 Spruce EIRW

Robert Vincent Classical Guitar #175-R 2017 Spruce EIRW

Rob Glownia  

Rich, thanks for all of your help and patience finding the right guitar for me . Sorry for taking so long for the review. The Robert Vincent 175R just keeps sounding better and better each day. The guitar is so well balanced with such a full sound it is really hard to put it down. When I play it , it sounds like it’s singing back to me. I can go on and on but I won’t. I’m sure you get the picture. I talked to Robert Vincent and asked him to lower the action a bit, he was so informative and friendly and told me to ship the guitar to him, and I did. With no charge Robert did some tweaking and tuned the guitar up for me . When I received the guitar it was silky sweet. I don’t think I will ever let this one go. Thanks again for all of your help, and I would definitely advise anyone looking for a classical guitar to try one of his.

Matt Barber – March 9, 2017

I have Robert’s #171-R which I bought from Rich in November. It’s a wonderful guitar. I drove down to Rich’s with a very nice Hauser style guitar by a very good builder, (which after trading to Rich, he sold within a week) and a guitar built in Valencia in 1957, which had the Spanish sound I wanted, but has some flaws, which I still have). This guitar by Robert has that Spanish sound, which he knows and has been able to capture. What does that mean? I can only explain it by how I try to interpret music with a guitar. I want to sculpt the phrases, the phrases are statements, as a person singing. With Robert’s guitar, changing timbre doesn’t just modify the voice, it creates a new voice, like the alto entering from stage left – where did that come from and how did they break my heart? Many good guitars have beautiful voices which you can modify by timbre and dynamic, but a great spanish type guitar like this makes each variation something new, it’s uncanny. My guitar teacher, who is 69 and has made a career of teaching, seen and heard many fine guitars, old and new, he plays and has recorded with an 1928 Esteso loves this guitar, and thinks Robert one of the best builders of this generation. I don’t have his experience, but it is a great guitar. Robert has vision, he knows what the sound should be and has been able to express it in each guitar. (another student has a cedar top – very nice). The material and workmanship are stunning, this guy is the real deal.

Robert Vincent Classical Guitar #171-R 2016 Spruce

Robert Vincent Classical Guitar #171-R 2016 Spruce

Please see all of our offerings from Robert Vincent – he is truly a dedicated and talented luthier, one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet.


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  • Wayne Phillips says:

    I’ve known Robert for alot of years inside I watched as he became the luthier that was so into how the old master classical guitar builders worked their magic. Now he still has that same talent to build a beautiful sounding classical guitar.

    • Richard Sayage says:

      Hi Wayne, Robert is an amazing, gentle and very talented man. I’m glad you had the opportunity to watch him grow and become the master luthier he is today. Best and thank you for taking the time to write. Rich

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