On the subject of NY State Sales TAX:

  • Sales Tax is only charged to NY State Residents at a rate of 8.625%
  • Sales Tax is NOT charged to any client whose address is out of NY State
  • In your CART, please ignore any Sales Tax.  Calculate your shipping cost by inputting your Zip Code and the Sales Tax (if you are out of state) will immediately adjust to ZERO
  • Sales Tax is applicable to all clients, regardless of address, when purchasing in person at my studio in NY. Please be aware of this.
  • International clients are not charged Sales Tax by Savage Classical Guitar
  • International clients are wholly and fully responsible for any costs associated with Customs & Duty in their respective country, as well as CITES and Customs inspections.

Please feel free to call or write to me with anything. My staff and I will always do our best for you.

Richard F. Sayage