A Simple Service Statement

Everything centers around Superior Quality of Service to You

My rules are simple:

Superior Everything and Make Certain the Customer is Happy

From the paper used to print my books to the accessory package given with every classical guitar sold
Customer Service that exceeds your expectations of anything possible
Personal emails from me.  I take the time to write to everyone personally.
I pick up the phone.  If I cannot do so, it is because I am giving personalized service to someone else.  But I’ll get back to you asap.
Bills of Sale directly from me.
Phone orders taken by me to ensure your safety.  No one messes with me and the security of my clientele on my site or in person.  Period.
I give your book order, accessory order or your guitar my personal attention from setup to packing.
I do this full time.  This is all I do.  Sometimes 16 hours in a day.  I have nothing else to distract me from making certain you are seriously happy.
It’s all I care about.  Superior everything…Making my customers happy.

Here are the various services I provide

Appraisals of your fine guitar

Consignment of Your Classical – Acoustic – Jazz Guitars
Repairs Setups
Accessories Sheet Music
Fine Classical Guitars for Sale Fine Acoustic Guitars for Sale
Fine Flamenco Guitars for Sale USPS & FedEx ShippingUSPS Express/Priority/Ground/Media Mail Shipping
Discussions about Classical Guitar Care Tonewood Discussions
Pre-Owned Guitars Lessons

I will continue to add to and update this page with any further developments.

Contact me with any questions regarding anything to do with your classical guitar or a guitar on my site.

I’m here to help you to the best of my ability.  Rich


Email Richard at

[email protected]


Savage Classical Guitar
385 Central Ave.

Suite E

Bohemia, NY 11716

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