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Shipping your Classical Guitar to Savage Classical Guitar

  1. First things first, you should call me at 631-335-5447 and ask for Rich.  We need to discuss your guitar before you go thru the expense of shipping her to me or driving over for a visit.  Time is precious for both of us, so let’s not waste too much of it.  In my ABOUT Page, I talk about being picky regarding guitars.  I mean picky.  I do not just accept anything here.  Only the best comes thru my studio.  Space is limited.  I only offer the best to my clientele.  So let’s be clear about your guitar.  Thanks for your understanding.

    1. If your guitar is cracked … I need to know this before you send it to me.
    2. If your guitar’s finish is messed up, dinged, chipped, fingernail marks, string burns, etc….I need to know this before you send it to me.
    3. If your guitar is buzzing  … I need to know this before you send it to me.
    4. If the neck is bent, warped, too much relief, not enough,  … I need to know this before you send it to me.
    5. And so on….Let me be clear….I will SEND it back to you if issues are not disclosed.  I have opened up 6 guitars in the last week that are not up to the task.  Nice looking, nice sounding, but they are buzzing, neck issues, etc.  or they are cracked.  I need to know this, otherwise I don’t want it.   Are you kidding me?  What exactly do you want me to do with a buzzing, cracked guitar that you think is worth $7K?   Exactly!  It will not sell.
    6. I will also charge you for my time to open her up, inspect her and the shipping cost to send it back to you.
    7. In other words, don’t waste my time or your money.  I’m being 100% serious here.  No jokes.  Do not waste my time or your own.
    8. Sidenote…it sounds like I have a bad attitude.  I do not.  I protect my shop, my stock, and my clients on both sides of the guitar.  I will not misrepresent anything or anyone.  Don’t expect me to do so and you won’t be disappointed.

Once we decide that you want to send your guitar to me for repair, appraisal, etc, you have to be concerned with shipping it to my studio. There are a few things you should do to prepare the guitar and the case for shipping:

  • Slack the strings by at least 3 half steps, not too much but not too little
  • Stabilize the headstock in the case by putting soft cushion or bubble wrap underneath the headstock so she doesn’t bounce around or move at all
  • I feel it is necessary to point out that you should be using a HARD SHELL CASE.
  • A good one. Do not send me a guitar in a soft case.
  • I will reject it, send it back unopened, etc.
  • I don’t want to hear …”oooh, my guitar got busted in transport”. Of course it did.
  • The guys at FedEx and USPS handle hundreds of packages.
  • They are “rough” with them…get over it.
  • OK, rant over…continuing….
  • Make certain that the guitar is immobile in the case. Again, cushions or bubble wrap will do.  This is important.
  • The case must also be secure. Cushion the bottom of an appropriate box for the case.  Cushion it really well!  They like to drop boxes from the truck butt first!
  • Wrapping the case in bubble wrap won’t hurt.
  • Insert the case into the box and proceed to pack the hollow sides so she doesn’t move.
  • Feel free to use very light packing material.
  • Feel free to use peanuts to fill the voids and pack the bottom. They’re a PIA but I like the protection to shock that they offer.  I’ll deal with it.  Of course, bubble wrap and boxes to fill the voids and cushion the 6 sides of the case will work.  Top, bottom, sides, front and back to be clear.
  • Very important is to stabilize the headstock part of the case. I will typically cut cardboard squares and insert them into the large hollows created by the case and the box. I do not want the case moving in the box…at all!

In summary, guitar immobile in hard shell case, case immobile in box, well cushioned, hollows filled.

Wrap her good, label her good. Large label with capital letters to:

My Gallery address (business address) is:

Savage Classical Guitar, Ltd.
385 Central Ave.
Suite E
Bohemia, NY 11716


You do NOT need to insure the guitar. I pay good money for insurance purposes, including transportation insurance, every year. Use the insurance money to send the guitar USPS Priority or Express Mail to me. If you’re not worried about the guitar, send it FedEx ground. Again…DO NOT Insure the guitar. Anything labeled to me as referenced above is automatically insured for its full value.

I will forward all emails, paperwork, etc to confirm receipt of the guitar.

How do other shops NOT INSURE their work or their customers guitars in transit?  Lazy again.

You are fully insured with me.  Take the precautions, ship it the way I instruct, and you will be fully covered.

Your guitar is covered in transit, in my shop, against flood, against earthquake, theft and fire, it is covered when it is sold, and when in transit to the buyer.

The only time it is not insured is once it is sold and accepted by the purchaser.  Period.

Again, I do it the right way, the only way, my way.

  1. Note for Luthiers shipping guitars to me:
  2. International shipments should be processed thru YOUR Country’s Postal Service or DHL/FedEx/UPS when sent to ME.
    • Please contact me for shipping details.
    • DO NOT presume to send a guitar to me under any other method
    • I will NOT accept it.
    • I will have it returned to you unopened.
    • You will be responsible for all shipping charges.
    • I say this to be exceptionally clear.  Thank you for your consideration.

All the best,

Richard F. Sayage

Savage Classical Guitar