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Setup and Repairs Classical Guitar – Acoustic Guitars – Electric Guitars

Setup for Classical Guitars – Acoustic Guitars – Electric Guitars (includes any or all of the following as required and is priced accordingly)

Savage Classical Guitar Gallery

Savage Classical Guitar Gallery

Before I bore you with the numerous details of what I do, your guitar will be photographed, front and back, highlighting problem areas and for an in-general examination, so that you and I both are aware of any existing damage to your guitar.  I will probably perform a sketch as well, much like a car rental program, where areas will be highlighted and remarked, regarding damages to your guitar.  This, so no one comes back at me, saying, “Hey, that wasn’t on my guitar”!  This has actually happened on a couple of rare occasions.  OK, moving on…Ryan O’Rourke is my acoustic and electric specialist, where I focus more on acoustic and obviously classical guitars.

Nut adjustment

  • Height – depth of slots, nut itself
  • Angle of Slots – to compensate for angle to tuning machines
  • Slot adjustments – how the string lays ON the nut versus in the nut

Saddle adjustment

  • Height
  • Curvature – to match fingerboard
  • Intonation adjustments for each individual string

Fret level

  • Check relief of frets to neck
  • Neck curvature
  • File frets as required
  • Fret dressing
  • Clean & Polish frets
  • Clean fret edges – crown edges


  • Clean
  • Polish
  • Recondition

Tuning Machines

  • Tightening
  • Cleaning bits of metal out of gears
  • Oiling
  • Adjustment

Truss Rod adjustment (if available – electric – acoustic or classical guitar)
Replace strings to your specification or my recommendation.

  • I only use D’Addario EJ44 -45-46s or my own Savage Classical Guitar brand of strings for classical guitars
  • D’Addario brand strings for Electric and Acoustic Guitars as well

Repair Work for Classical and Acoustic Guitars

  • Shaving fret ends – grinding and filing frets due to neck and fretboard wood shrinking
  • Loose frets
  • Crowning and shaping of frets
  • Nut repair or Nut Replacement
  • Saddle repair or Saddle Replacement
  • Bridge Replacement
  • Strap peg repair

Finish repairs including lacquer and French Polish (shellac) including:

  • Wet Sanding
  • Polishing
  • Buffing
Savage Classical Guitar Gallery

Savage Classical Guitar Gallery

Having worked on various vintage instruments, I have the experience you need to get the job done correctly.
The focus is on maintaining the integrity and value of the instrument. These are my babies and I take care of them.

Please note that I am not doing full restorations any further.  I recommend Glenn Nichols in Massachusetts and Matt Rubendall in Brooklyn for detailed and excellent restoration work.

All repair and setup work is authorized by the customer.

  • I will inform you of my recommendations with detailed explanation.
  • Remember that my setups can be customized to your needs.
  • All work is done IN House. I do not send it out unless I feel it necessary because of time. The men that I use are some of the best luthiers in the North East of the USA

Additionally, my entire studio and workshop are fully and specifically insured for any and all contents regarding the full scope of my business. If you guitar is with me, it’s covered. My entire shop is covered by Heritage Insurance Group specializing in Instrument Dealer Insurance.

If it is sent to one of my luthiers, it’s covered for its full retail value. Period….no questions asked


Please contact Savage Classical Guitar via email with any questions…ask for Rich

I are conveniently located in Bohemia NY Exit 49 on Sunrise Hwy, Johnson Ave going North.  I am sandwiched between Route 454 (1 block South of Veterans Memorial Highway and Sunrise Hwy.

Maps from Google – Map for Savage Classical Guitar

Phone is 631-335-5447

General contact information is here.

Packing and Shipping Your Guitar to me

Consigning your Guitar to Savage Classical Guitar

Appraising Your Guitar – Appraisals done by Rich Sayage and Savage Classical Guitar


Savage Classical Guitar Gallery

Savage Classical Guitar Gallery

Savage Classical Guitar Gallery

Savage Classical Guitar Gallery

Savage Classical Guitar Gallery

Savage Classical Guitar Gallery



Setup and Repairs Classical Guitar – Acoustic Guitars – Electric Guitars