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 This refund/exchange policy is updated as of January 1, 2023.

Before I say anything further, I communicate thoroughly with everyone.  I send emails regarding your order, Bill of Sale and tracking information.   Please read my emails to you when they are sent.  For instance, on your Bill of Sale, the TRACKING information is in 2 separate places.  I send another email from my website confirming your order with TRACKING information.  PayPal (if you used them) will send you a confirmation email with the TRACKING information.  So, you might get it 3 different ways or even a 4th way, from me directly.

Every guitar has a 3 day return policy regarding Internet Transactions and Domestic shipping,
where the buyer must pay my shipping cost and the return cost (the exact method that I shipped to you).

Please note that International shipments cannot be returned under any circumstance.

The 3 day window applies to and starts when you “receive” the guitar.

There is also a modest $50.00 re-stocking fee for all returned guitars.
This is really a “what it took me to get it out the door and in to your hands” fee.

Some Credit Cards (Amex specifically) charge a back door fee for refunds of up to 2%. That must also be taken into consideration ON TOP of and regarding the above fee.  I cannot refund that which is NOT refunded back to me.  If Amex keeps 2% from me, I have to charge it to you.  It’s a horrible practice by them, I’d rather not accept them, but my new card processor accepts them so I need to do the same.

As it turns out, PayPal does not return fees, nor any other CC Processor, Visa/MC/Discover/Amex – those fees charged to me, I must pay for, thus they will be deducted from any and all refunds, no matter the reason.  This is a blanket statement that is forced upon me by the CC processing business as a whole.  Please be aware of this simple fact.

Simple explanation – If you use American Express, and end up wanting a refund (for whatever reason), I will have to keep the fee that they charged me as it will not be refunded back to me.  I’m making this exceedingly clear for all of our benefit.  Use Amex with caution.  (I don’t use Amex anymore on a personal level.  Done with that noise).

Please note that you will need to have a confirmed address.  If your address is not confirmed, the guitar (or your order in general) will not be shipped.  This applies to International and Domestic buyers as well.  Take the time to confirm your billing information.

Options are to bank wire transfer funds to pay for the guitar in full.  This is your only option when buying Internationally.  Please contact me or please read my page regarding Purchase & Payment Options

  • Shipping is NOT Free any longer, since Covid has become an issue, along with the inordinate charges and less than lackluster performance of USPS – FedEx – UPS.

Charges will also be applicable regarding:

  • Any damage sustained, finish-wise or otherwise, if applicable.
    • Monies will be refunded, minus any applicable charges or discussed fees, after sufficient examination and evaluation of the returned instrument regarding the cost of repair.
      • Let me be exceedingly clear here.  Do not touch the body of the guitar…EVER!  There is absolutely ZERO reason to touch the body of a guitar with your hands, especially your Right Hand, you know, the one with the nails!  Go figure?
      • Your right hand should be holding the case open, until the guitar is clear of the case.  If I see fingerprints on the guitar…really?
      • Your left hand should be used to grab the neck of the guitar, around the 7th fret, clear the case, sit, and put her on your lap.  I’ll repeat…there is NO reason for you to touch a guitar, any guitar, with your right hand.  EVER!!!
      • Use a sleeve on your right arm if your arms are bare.
      • Use a temporary golpe, such as a Kling-On, for the top.  Remove it when you are done.
      • Don’t wear a shirt with buttons, or at the very least, put the polishing cloth between you and the guitar.
      • Take care of the guitar.  Do not tap it, drum your fingers on it, do not rest your pinky on the top, nothing.  Don’t freakin’ touch the top.  Jeez…what does it take to make people understand proper technique and etiquette for that matter?
      • OK, how about a minimum of $500 to refresh the top that you damaged, more if you dig in to the top, a lot more.  No joke.  At a minimum, $500.  How are your manners now, baby?
      • Take care of it, and I’ll take care of you.   Be exceedingly careful is what I’m telling you.  I know my guitars, every one of them intimately.  You are not fooling anyone, most certainly not me.  Do not take advantage of my good nature and my friendly demeanor.  It will cost you a good chunk of change, and I will charge it.
  • No worries, if you took care of the guitar and ship it properly, there are usually no issues whatsoever, facilitating a full refund minus packing fees and Credit Card (CC) charges.
  • Please be aware that in returning a guitar, the package label MUST be scanned by USPS, FedEx or UPS, guaranteeing their receipt of the return.  Please read that again.  Laziness is not an option.
  • My Bill of Sales acknowledge this Return Policy and by purchasing from me and my shop, you implicitly agree to all Warranty and Refund policies as issued right here on this page and my web site.
  • Additionally, I send a guitar accessory package with every guitar.  It contains strings, humidifier, tuner, buffer, polishing cloth, etc.  The contents of the package increase with the value of the guitar purchased.  This is a gift package, which is my way of saying thank you for doing business with Savage Classical Guitar.  You are on the hook for said package if you return the guitar.  Please send it back with the guitar on any RETURN.  We will have to charge you full retail for any Items that are not returned.

I’m very cool this way (and most other ways too  🙂  I have to use clear language in my pages, but let’s be frank,

Don’t expect me to pay for it if you wish to return it.  I’m not in the habit of disappointing people, but in this regard, I will do so…disappoint you, that is…

I am usually quite flexible on my “3 Day window” as well.  If you need the weekend, let me know.  Again, take exceedingly extra good care of the guitar.   Communicate with me and we’ll be good every step of the way.

Please NOTE that you cannot send a guitar back to me without written or verbal confirmation.  I need to authorize the return.

Do NOT take it upon yourself to send a guitar back to me.  

If you wonder why I have to say this, someone sent a guitar back to me a week later after receipt.  Another customer decided 2 weeks was okay and damaged the guitar.  The last straw was the guitar that was sent back to me a month later?  Seriously?  I will send it back to you, charge you for the hassle, ship it back to you unopened, charge you for it, and whatever other charges come my way.  Talk to me.  Make sure we are on the same page.  Again, I’m very cool, but don’t be a jerk about it.


International Shipping

I repeat this to be exceptionally clear.

All International sales are final without exception.

The reason being that Customs issues make returns almost impossible.  Simple as that.  Please read the following page in depth and understand it.  I wrote the language very clearly.  Shipping Policies

I will also say, for the sake of clarity, that Customs/Duty charges are yours and yours alone.  The listed price does not include Taxes to your country.  I cannot lower a price to accommodate your tax situation.  I do not know the Duty Rate to your country, though most average about 10% give or take.  I can work with you on an invoice to help lower the tax burden but that is something you need to write to me about, as I have a certain way to help you in this regard.

I will also state clearly that International Shipping is at your own risk.  We do our best, but we have ZERO control over any of the shipping companies, including USPS.  We will not be responsible for late shipments, or lost shipments.  We do our best work, always.  Make certain that your shipping address is correct.  No detail should be omitted.  Do not presume that we know your address or some small detail that will cause your shipment to be late or lost.  I have had shipments take over 30 days to arrive to Western Europe.  Do you believe that this is planned, or that this is what I wish for you or for us?  To then hold me responsible for someone else’s job?  Punish me when we did the right thing?  Yes sir, easiest way to make certain you will never do business with me ever again.  Guaranteed.


HOLDING A Guitar for you – I require a non-refundable deposit of 5% for any guitar you wish to be held.  I take the guitar off the site, thus no one else can touch it.  There is a cost involved in this.  There will be zero exceptions to this policy.


Rainchecks – cannot be honored.  We deal in 1 of a kind instruments.  Sales that are run occasionally cannot be retrograded.


Special Orders – Custom Orders – Held Guitars (Deposits) – Purchasing of guitars in general – Custom Orders that are returned will not be refunded until the guitar is sold in the open market.  Guitars that are HELD by me for you via Deposit – Guitars on LayAway Plans where you are paying it off monthly – Special orders from a luthier has the same policy.  You want a Cutaway with a pickup system?  You get it and don’t like it?  No problem on any and all of the above.  In general, if you have purchased a guitar on terms, deposits, layaway plans, custom orders, etc – The funds stay secure until the guitar is SOLD in the Open Market by me.  Only then will your refund be processed.  You will not receive a Refund right away on any of the above.  Please be very aware of this fact.  Your funds will be tied up until I can sell the guitar that you bought.

This does not apply to guitars that are listed on the site (as is) that are bought and shipped to you immediately.  You are still responsible for all shipping charges and care of the instrument, as discussed earlier.

Occasionally, a guitar is purchased outright, but various legal and/or import/export issues may prevent the guitar from being delivered immediately.  CITES issues are of exceeding importance in this regard.  Please read the link provided above.

Regarding any of these issues, if you wish to cancel the deal, same policy above applies.  The timeline does not matter.  These various legal issues can take months to resolve.  I have taken the guitar off of the market where it cannot be sold to anyone else.  There is a real cost involved in this.   Your funds, (minus any associated costs, legal, or otherwise, will be deducted from the purchase price…this equates to at least 5-10% of your purchase price), will be held until such time that the guitar in question is sold in the open market.  Every legitimate luthier on the planet has a similar policy regarding orders, legality issues or otherwise.  Mine is no different.  This is non-negotiable, so please be aware of these issues before purchasing.


Purchases made thru my studio (in person) are not returnable.

Please allow me to repeat this very simple statement:

Purchases made thru my studio (in person) are not returnable.  Not for any reason.

International Purchasers – Shipments of guitars and or accessories/books can not be returned under any circumstance.  There are no refunds or credits regarding International shipments.  All International Sales are 100% Final.  There are zero exceptions to this policy.


Exchange Policy (updated)

Clientele are encouraged to trade their guitars in back to me and Savage Classical Guitar.  I know the guitars, making it a simple task for me to re-list them.

Allow me to say this first and foremost:  Items returned without an RMA # will be refused without exception.

All in-shop sales are final as previously stated.

All International sales are final without exception.  The reason being that Customs issues make returns almost impossible.  Simple as that.  Please read the following page in depth and understand it.  I wrote the language very clearly.  Shipping Policies

2 year policy – Guitars (new or used) may be exchanged with a 60% value applied toward a new or used guitar of equal or higher value.  Condition of the guitar is a consideration, so please bear this in mind.  The more issues with a guitar, the less she is worth, by approximately 10-15% per issue.


Please do not purchase if you do not agree with the above terms.

Guitar Information listed on the site

Additionally, I depend upon the luthiers to give me the information on a guitar.  Polish type used, Machines, woods used in the guitar, etc.

Sometimes, no one gets it right.  Sometimes, mistakes are made, where I may have copied from a template for a luthier and their guitar.  Sometimes, because a human being is doing the writing and editing (usually me), there will be small errors on a given page.  This does not preclude any guitar, description, condition, measurements, woods, machines, finishing, or any other information regarding a specific instrument.  I do my absolute best to identify all materials involved and methods used, but there are no guarantees that I got it all 100% correct.  We are not to be held responsible for any information that is incorrect in any one or all of our listings.  By purchasing through Savage Classical Guitar, you implicitly and tacitly agree that we are not liable in any way shape or form, legally or otherwise for any incorrect information given a listing of a guitar (any guitar) or any other pertinent information found within our site or physical gallery space.

Saying that, I will always describe guitars to the best of my ability and attempt to photograph any issues.
You are always free and more than welcome to call me and discuss in detail anything about a guitar.

Please take advantage of this.

I can be reached at 631-335-5447 …. ask for Rich

Contact Details

You may also SKYPE me at: savage.classicalguitar

I have shown and discussed guitars many times over via Skype. It’s actually pretty cool!

I will help you in every way possible, including sending additional photographs of anything you wish to see.

I will say this many times…
I prefer that you come to the studio to inspect, play and appreciate your new guitar.

Best and feel free to call me any time.  Rich