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Savage Classical Guitar

Warranty & Guarantees


All New Guitars carry a minimum 1 year warranty from the Luthier
Some carry a lifetime warranty – the listed guitar will state this clearly
All warranties are non-transferable. Warranties include anything to do with normal wear excepting serviceable parts, such as strings, tuning gears, frets., but does not include finish wear (see below for maintenance), or any issue due to neglect or accident. It does not include issues associated with excessive wear or storage conditions, including high or low humidity and/or temperature issues. Please note that tuning gears, machine heads, etc are not covered.

In other words, you took good care of her and something went wrong with the guitar itself. She’s covered.

Brazilian Rosewoods – Cocobolo Rosewoods – and other sensitive rosewoods will not be guaranteed against cracking. Anyone guaranteeing this is lying to you. These woods can be very sensitive to sudden changes in humidity and or temperature. One mistake is all it takes. The good news is that they can be stabilized. Many of the luthiers I work with have old growth Brazilian Rosewoods that they have used in the guitars that I carry here in the studio. Bob Desmond, Robert Vincent, Richard Prenkert, Tom Blackshear, Kenny Hill, etc. These fine gentlemen and exceptional luthiers cannot guarantee the Rosewoods against cracking. They can guarantee that they did their finest work and used the best available woods that have been aged and dried beyond normal expectations. Please see below for a brief article regarding caring for and maintaining your guitar. I also have a small discussion regarding tone woods here.

Warranty issues will come thru me and Savage Classical Guitar, where I will handle issues with inspection, communication and resolution with the luthier.

Pre-Owned Guitars willl not “usually” have a warranty of any kind, certainly NOT from the luthier who built the guitar, though the approval period (see below) is identical. You need to be happy with what you purchase. No one understands this better than me. We work hard for our money. I get it.

I will, however, occasionally offer a 3 month-1 Year Warranty on the guitar thru my Gallery and workshop.  This is a personal guarantee.

Guitars, as in any musical instrument, need regular maintenance. Please care for and maintain your guitar as this will help any and all warranty issues.