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Eugenio Ligato – Luthier – Italy

I grew up in a house with few tools but with lots of music. When I who I amembraced for the first time a guitar at age 16, I felt so satisfied to promise to myself that I would never be deprived of all that beauty.

Just finished high school I began my journey into the world of violin making, although fate was not particularly cooperative. 

I came across what was then my home for four years, the Civic School of Violin Making in Milan. Here I learned to always keep me in perfect balance between tradition of violin making and implementation of machines that optimize production times. 

who sono1Immediately after graduation he returned to Cosenza, and self-employment overwhelmed me with its cargo of sleepless nights and projects to be pursued in my shop.

I opened my Chitarreria in Corso Telesio where I spend my days surrounded by the scent of wood.

I believe that the task of every good craftsman, in this case the maker, is to enthuse people to the work that you do and the best way is to explain to them “how do you do what you do.”

I introduce myself by explaining that being a luthier is not a hobby, but a real job that you can not improvise: initially need a guide that teaches to “pull chisel”, but also to know the wood, its chemistry, its physical and, no less important, its history. Then I explain that the maker is first and foremost a craftsman but also a botanist, a cabinetmaker, a physicist, a chemist and an engineer.

All this must be moved by a single word: “passion”.

Eugenio came to the gallery on Monday, June 11, 2018, to visit me along with his father, Antonio and a good friend, Enrico, which was incredibly nice.  This, after meeting with Eugenio in Rome, back in March of 2018.  We talked for hours, went out to lunch and talked some more.  It was fabulous.  Eugenio is so very intelligent and quite thoughtful as a builder.  The guitar below was brought to me in person and was more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Simple specs below, listing and my own photos to follow.  Very impressed with this young man, the next generation of superb Italian luthiers.