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Luthiers who wish to work with Richard F. Sayage and Savage Classical Guitar

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Luthiers who wish to work with Richard F. Sayage and Savage Classical Guitar

You, as a luthier, are an independent contractor, running a difficult business.  You work hard.  I know.

This begs a few simple questions…I need to say it plainly.

– Why would you agree to an exclusivity agreement to an entire country (one the size of let’s say, oh I don’t know…the United States of America) with a dealer?

– Why would you limit exposure of your work to one side of the United States?

– Why would you allow a dealer, within that exclusiveness, to price your work so high as to make it less than attainable by someone who rightly can buy that guitar?  They are putting unreasonable expectations and price pressures on the market, and it needs to stop.  In my expert opinion, it is hurting the market, not helping it.  This is not a call to devalue your work, but seriously, these guys are pricing guitars at enormous margins.  You and I both know it.  I am happy to discuss this in person, on the phone, or via email, anytime.

– Why would you allow “anyone” to dictate terms of business to you?  I am keenly aware of terms of business being dictated to luthiers that are wholly unacceptable, including not being able to sell your work to no one else, that all orders need to go through the dealer?  You have to be amazed at their sheer audacity.  Laughable at best, and let’s move on.

– Why would you work for an amateur guitar dealer, one whose knowledge of guitars is laughable, whose ability to assess and repair is non-existent, who couldn’t hold a guitar conversation with you on their best days?

I do not do any of this.  I do not ask you for anything, except your best work and to have the opportunity to represent you and your work fairly, honestly and with expertise.

You work WITH me because you wish to do so.  Not because of a contract or some BS agreement. I cannot say it any clearer than this.  I do not use contracts.  I don’t like them.  In this business, the business of gentlemen, real professionals, a contract should be unnecessary.  Old School, baby.  Look, I talk clearly, no games, no nonsense.  If you like that kind of approach, and I know you do, you’re gonna love me.

How about you just build your guitars and run your business the way you see fit.  If you want me to do so, let me market and sell some or all of them for you?  I run International and National Ad Campaigns.  Web advertising.  One of the best, if not the best web site out there catering to the classical guitar and the builder.  I take care of the luthier, I take care of the customer.  I have a few rules.  One of them, is number 3….always be generous on both sides of the guitar.  Want to know what’s Number 1?  Don’t tell the luthier how to do his job, what to build, nothing.  Look, either we can work together, or we cannot.  We’ll figure that out together, real quick, don’t you think?  Number 2 is “never rush the luthier”, btw.  Just in case you were wondering.  I’ll publish my rules of business in the near future.  A template for success, baby LOL

I have no interest in telling you what to do, how to run “your” business, how to sell your guitars, nothing.  Seriously, I have enough to do on my own end.  My plate is quite full taking care of my own business.

I have no interest in any other dealer, California or otherwise, certainly not amateurs on the East Coast.  They don’t even cross my radar, as I do not cross theirs.  They don’t live anywhere near me and the 75 -100 million or so people around me in a 10 State area, from Rhode Island to Pennsylvania to Connecticut to New Jersey besides all the music universities, guitar schools and guitar societies that are around these parts.  Seriously?  California is 3,000 miles away last I heard.  LOL  Why not have your guitars on both sides of the country.  It’s a heckuva a lot easier to get to me if you live on the East Coast.  Additionally, I will price your guitar fairly, because it is not about the gotdam money, it is about the guitar and the people that want to play them.  Allow me to be of help.  Allow my staff to be of help, which, by the way, work on a salary basis.  There is no incentive to sell one guitar over another.  We work hard to find the “right” guitar for someone, not the one we wish to sell.

I tell everyone I work with, find a good representative dealer on the West Coast.  (Something that I am rethinking, quite frankly, after hearing horror story after horror story).  Now why would I tell a luthier to do that?

Because, at the end of every business day, it’s my job to show guitars, get the builder known, have their guitars here in the shop for people to actually see and try, and to sell them to people who are looking for the best guitar their hard earned money can buy.  It’s because I work with you and want to be of the best possible help to you, (if you want the help) and that includes advising you on best business practices.  Your guitars should be here in NY and they should be available to people on the West Coast.  Simple, right?  Apparently, other dealers do not think so, thus strong arming luthiers to do business as the dealer dictates and then over-pricing them to the point of sheer insanity?

You want to be to confined, restricted, told what you can and cannot do by an outside agency/dealer/person?  (that’s what your wife (or husband) is for)….Really really?  Good luck with that.  That does not serve your best interests, only theirs.   I’m here to work with you, not to have you work for me.  There is a difference.  Think about it.

When you’re ready to do business like a gentleman, give me a call.  I’m good to go when you are.  Talk to anyone about me, customer or luthier.  I’m certain you will like what you hear.  RF Sayage – Rich to everyone.  My number is below, along with an email address.   Call me.

Luthiers who wish to work with Richard F. Sayage and Savage Classical Guitar

Please contact me via email

Call me at 631-335-5447

Shipping address for all guitars and other equipment:

Savage Classical Guitar

385 Central Ave Suite E

Bohemia, NY 11716

Further Notes:  This is about shipping guitars to me in Bohemia, NY

  1. Use your International Post which will hand off to my US Postal System
  2. Do NOT use FedEx or UPS/DHL.  Why?  How about 3 guitars sitting in storage for almost a month waiting for US Fish & Wildlife to examine them?   FedEx/UPS/DHL has no idea how to handle US Customs/CITES/Lacey Act/Poison Control, etc
  3. They have no interest in releasing the packages, content to wait on USFW.  No thank you.  I mean it, do not use them.  I will take zero responsibility for any guitar shipped with these methods.
  4. Pack the guitar really well.  The guitar should not move in the case, the case should not move in the box.  Pack it on top and bottom really well.  Use light packing material, peanuts in a bag, that kind of thing.
  5. Send me a tracking number and the Postal Service you used.
  6. Good to go.
  • 2023 Johannes T’Kindt CL44 Spruce Madagascar 650mm

  • 2021 Wilson Burnham Teodora Spruce Cypress 654mm

  • Sold Out!

    2023 Kevin Aram Della Spruce Bog Oak 640mm Torres

  • 2024 Michele Della Giustina #421 Spruce Ironwood 645mm