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Gotoh Classical Guitar Machine Head Series 35G510 include features such as Gotoh’s proprietary “Lubri-Plate” (a composite plating layer lubrication) and “Rock Solid” which have increased the accuracy of a standard set of gears, eliminating post backlash to minimize tuning time, all while adding to the overall life and durability of the machines.

I have recently, as of August 1, 2023, added numerous 35G510 Series models with Oval White and or Oval Black Mother of Pearl button variations.  Their 35G510 QC – 35G510 S – 35G510 C – 35G510 AM – 35G510 MF models are in stock, regardless of what you might see on the site.  I will attempt to update with photos as soon as possible.  They all average about $500/set with MOP buttons.  Black MOP is about $20 more expensive, usually.  Please note that these are real MOP, which required Customs Brokerage to clear the USA border.  These are NOT Faux MOP.

I also have the 35G510P models in stock with Oval Ebony or Ivory buttons.

I have also added the KG-01-CA series with Gold Plating in White MOP and Black MOP.

Competitively priced in the USA with FREE Shipping. Bear in mind that shipping costs are NOT INCLUDED in the listed prices below.

I have also included the Gotoh 35G Series below. These are more economically priced tuners suitable for less expensive guitars.

You will also find Gotoh 40G-2000 machines, which are suitable for older guitars with 39mm spacing. Hard to find!

Below you will find a hand picked selection of tuners available from Gotoh that I personally chose based on aesthetics and my personal preference. Enjoy. Rich

Please note that as a Global Statement for my site and for Gotoh machines that Shipping is NOT Free any longer.  Costs have gone up dramatically.  Regardless of what or where you might read on the site, shipping is not free any longer.  Choose the least expensive method, if available, or Expedited if you want them quicker.  My apologies.  Rich

  • GOTOH KG01-CA XG BM Tuning Machines

  • GOTOH KG01-CA XG M Tuning Machines

  • Gotoh – 35G510 AM Tuning Machines Oval MOP & BMOP Buttons

  • Gotoh – 35G510 MF with Gold Plating – Oval MOP & BMOP Buttons

  • Gotoh – 35G510 C – Oval MOP & BMOP Buttons

  • Gotoh 35G510 P Tuning Machines – Ivory or Ebony Buttons

  • Gotoh – 35G510 QC Tuning Machines – Oval MOP & BMOP Buttons

  • Gotoh 35G510S Tuning Machines for Classical Guitar – Oval MOP & BMOP Buttons

  • Gotoh – 35G350

  • Gotoh – 35G420

  • Gotoh 35G1600 Classical Guitar Tuning Machines – Various Buttons

  • Gotoh 35G1800 Classical Guitar Tuning Machines – Various Buttons