Esteve Classical Guitars

Esteve Classical and Flamenco guitars presented here in this category, are made by Manuel Adalid and his production shop in Valencia, Spain under his guidance and that of his Master Luthiers, all Spanish Masters.

Valencia, Spain is a beautiful area of Spain on the Southeast corner by the Mediterranean.

The name Esteve and Adalid are interchangeable.  The factory and or shop uses labels such as Esteve Guitarras and Manuel Adalid for the same model, whether it be a Model 8, Model 9, Model 11 through 12 and the same for the Flamenco guitars.

Manuel is a good friend and clearly a master builder, as he is trusted to build for some of the other big name houses.  He has been to my home.  This to say, I trust him implicitly.

A very important thing about him is that he never stops learning, traveling the world to speak with other luthiers about their own techniques, from building to finishing.  Very rare in a master builder.  Something I respect greatly.

Please note that for all production guitars, we generally use stock photos that were taken at one time or another.  Each guitar is slightly different, but they are all of equal quality and very well built, using superior woods.  Thank you!

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