1992 Gioachino Giussani Pherkard Cedar Brazilian ex-Angel Romero


A beautifully clear and elegant voice from the Italian School, full of musicality and expression.

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1992 Gioachino Giussani Pherkard Cedar Brazilian ex-Angel Romero


Model1992 Gioachino Giussani Pherkard Cedar Brazilian ex-Angel Romero
FinishFrench Polish
TunersI’m not certain of these but they are pretty and high functioning
CaseHumicase Metro HSC probably version 1 in dark blue – used

Tone Woods

TopWestern Red Cedar
Sides/BackCSA Rosewood (known as Brazilian Rosewood)
NeckSpanish Mahogany
BridgeBrazilian Rosewood
Head PlateBrazilian Rosewood
BindingMaple (various and dyed)


Nut Width53mm
String Spacings45mm – 51mm – 58mm (1st fret, 12th fret, bridge)
Neck Depths22mm – 26mm (1st fret – 12th fret)
Overall length39 1/2″
Body length19  1/4″
Upper bout Width10 7/8″
Lower bout Width14 3/8″
Body depths 3 1/2″ & 3 3/4″
Waist Width9 3/8″
Guitar Weight4lbs. & 7oz.
Action4.1mm & 3.4mm low E to high E 12th fret unfretted
CITESIneligible due to the CSA RW – please read link to left

1992 Gioachino Giussani Pherkard Cedar Brazilian ex-Angel Romero


Gioachino Giussani.  A legendary builder from the 1990’s who is still going strong. Looking around, I see that there a few Giussani guitars that are ex-Romero.  Interesting!?

We actually know the provenance of this particular guitar, where it is confirmed that Angel used and toured with this guitar for a number of years.  I suppose he has a “few” guitars but I don’t believe that “trying” a guitar is considered ex-anything except, possibly, an “ex-yeah, I’m not playing that guitar”.  LOL  Angel owned this guitar for 20 or so years.

The guitar was purchased from Angel by a student of his, in and around 2013.  Angel and the owner/student were smoking cigars and drinking tequila at Angel’s San Diego home when the guitar that Angel was using (this one) came up in the conversation.  A guitar built by Giussani, played on for what, 20 years + by Angel Romero?  Uh, yes sir, sign me up….LOL

She really is spectacular.  Such a voice, ease of play, with a sublime nuanced voice that starts to growl and sing for you.  The guitar has been refreshed by Wilson Burnham, where the Cedar top is “almost” pristine except for some unfortunate scratches on the treble bout, upper and lower.  Slight, but visible.  You should be able to see them in the photo shoot.  Setup was performed flawlessly by Wilson as well, checked by myself.

The Back and Sides are Brazlian Rosewood (CSA) and is gorgeous.  Deep, chocolate toned, slight streaks, straight-grained as the Masters always use.  Beautiful shape with some expected checking as all Rosewoods will do over their lifetime.  The CSA gives this guitar further value as it is now a prized and rare, protected wood, rightly so.

This is an ultra-fine performance instrument with that voice, high end Italian school, in the vein of Frignani, Bottelli.  I can hear the Giussani influence in Frignani guitars, or maybe it is the other way around?  Really incredible the nuance musicality of the guitar.



Listening with high quality headphones or audio equipment is highly recommended including EQ manipulation, if possible. We record everything flat with just a touch of Reverb to relieve dryness. My goal is to record the guitar as realistically as is possible. I speak in the recordings, my thoughts about the guitar (and possibly other things?).  My speaking also serves to give you my first impressions and to also give you a balance of the engineering (or lack thereof) versus the sound of the guitar. I simply do not have time to engineer much of anything. Thanks. Rich

Dust in the photographs are always an issue, especially when the humidifiers are on and running.  We wipe down constantly, but artifact is an issue, showing up as white dots.  It is unfortunate, but I do not like to touch the photos as I believe in absolute transparency.  I want you to see what I am seeing with no secrets, ever.  This is never about fooling anyone.  I deal in happiness not deception.  Please bear all of this in mind.  I am the best in my business because of this simple philosophy.  I trust you all appreciate this simple fact.  Love to all.  Happiness all the time!  Richard

Please NOTE that photos of all “production guitars” are stock photos, taken randomly for our numerous selection of guitars, whether they be from Kenny Hill – Esteve – Adalid or others.  It is virtually impossible and arduous to photograph each of our available production guitars. I am, however, happy to take a few photos for you of any particular guitar with which your are interested.

Also, measurements of string spacing and nut width are also approximate, as they can be “slightly” different from guitar to guitar.  They may be factory made (meaning down the line factory) but humans are still doing much of this work and it is NOT an exact science.

Handcrafted instruments are photographed and listed individually, usually identified by a serial number, date and or some other combination.

MP3 Audio – 240203-1992 Gioachino Giussani Pherkard Cedar Brazilian ex-Angel Romero – an incredibly beautiful, colorful, projecting guitar.  Amazing instrument.



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